Tupelo, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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48 Near Hwy 3

Tupelo, OklahomaJul 30, 20150 Comments

I was driving on 48 toward Ada at night. Very difficult to see. But I manage to see the speed limit drop from 65 to 45. Pressing on my breaks, I was trapped when suddenly, a few feet from the 45 speed limit, there was 35 speed limit. I was still on my break when I was stopped. The cop said I was going 55 according to his radar.

After handing me my ticket, he told me he didn’t run my license in case I was to be stopped ahead making me look like a repeat violator. How transparent! It was practically an admission of how challenging it is to navigate the little city at night without getting a ticket (or tickets). And when he pointed ahead, indicating “in case you’re stopped ahead”, there was a siren in view. Returning from Ada the next day, there was someone being pulled over in the same area. Clearly a trap from the faulty but purposefully faulty way of setting those speed limit signs only a few feet apart, with a drastic drop from 65 to 45, then immediately to 35. In private business, such a practice would be racketeering. Wouldn’t it?

Hwy 48

Tupelo, OklahomaJan 19, 20130 Comments

If you go through Tupelo and are not from the area watch yourself, because the police will get you. If you are from the area you will most likely get a warning, if not from there, you will get a ticket. So consider yourselves warned.

Hwy 48 entering Tupelo, OK from the East

Tupelo, OklahomaFeb 19, 20120 Comments

The signs are small and very close together and the you need to decrease your speed by tapping your brakes. I was pulled over by a young officer in the fanciest cruiser I have ever seen – and brand new!!! I explained that I was bringing my very pregnant daughter to the regional Indian hospital for medical services (he could see her) and I did not see the signs. I am a mother and grandmother for heavens sakes and not some speedster. He gave me a ticket anyway – could just as easily given me a warning but I had out of state plates (Texas) and I am sure all he saw were $$$$$. Beware, Beware. Have talked with locals who told me that Tupelo got new police cars with the federal stimulus money and are giving out tickets right and left now.

HWY 48 and HWY 3

Tupelo, OklahomaJan 18, 20110 Comments

Speed limit is 35. These officers will pull you over for doing 36, and will write you a ticket. BEWARE of the school zones. These officers have been known to write you a ticket for speeding in a school zone, even if the flashing school light ISN’T flashing! My advice: drive 20 MPH always in Tupelo, OK.

State Highway 48 near State Highway 3

Tupelo, OklahomaSep 22, 20070 Comments

As you drive through Tupelo, a cop will sit with his car parked in the car wash right across from the gas stations. He clocks traffic from this location. I travel from OK to TX regularly and have seen five people pulled over in the last six weeks.

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