Tushka, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Tushka ,Oklahoma

Tushka, OklahomaAug 02, 20120 Comments

When going southbound out of Tushka, Oklahoma do not begin to pick up speed until well out of the city limits. The police are shooting radar southbound just before the city limit ends. They have three speed signs within one mile at three different speeds. I admit is was my own fault for picking up speed, yet when I was inbound going north and saw three different speed signs north bound, and I saw a vehicle pulled over. I made a mental note to slow down in this area. It is a .7 sq mile city, yes…..POINT 7 mile square miles. How do you think they make their city budget ? Yep. And there is no five mile tolerance. Oh well, live and learn. Most agencies give a 9 or 10 mile overage. Again,my own fault.

Leaving Atoka south to Tuska

Tushka, OklahomaJun 14, 20101 Comments

No matter what OK State Police says, this is aTRAP of the worst kind.Whatever speed they have posted, just be sure you go 5 mi under it.

US Highway 69/75 near US Highway 69/75

Tushka, OklahomaJun 22, 20062 Comments

The town of Tushka lies on USHwy 69/75 between Dallas and Tulsa, just south of Atoka, OK. I have driven through Tushka no less than 10 times, and I have seen a Tushka Police car running radar at roadside EVERY TIME. The speed limit suddenly drops from 60mph to 45mph, and the car will be sitting just past the start of the 45mph speed limit. My fiancee has been given a ticket for less than 7mph-over TWICE.

State Highway 69

Tushka, OklahomaJun 15, 20041 Comments

As you enter Tushka, OK, the speed limit drops from 75 to 35 mph. There is one stop light and then the speed limit goes to 55 mph for 1/2 city block then down to 25 mph. Unless you are really watching you’ll speed up to resume high way driving and miss the small 25 mph sign. The police usually double team with one guy in town and another just waiting at the city limits to give you a steep ticket.

U.S. 69/75 and Boggy Depot Road

Tushka, OklahomaMar 01, 20020 Comments

This town has a bottleneck for traffic when Highway 69/75 goes from a divided four lane to a small 4-lane going right through the middle of town. There have been many traffic accidents here so you should definitely slow down or risk serious injury to yourself or others. The police do not ticket for much of anything less than 10mph over the limit but will write you one if you are stupid and dangerous enough to put other peolpe’s lives in jeopardy. There are markers on the side of the road where several children have died, as well as adults, due to the careless speeding by people as they fly through this little town.

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