Watonga, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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south of town

Watonga, OklahomaJun 04, 20100 Comments

low speed zone for two miles south of town by indian casino
town cop hides out and work trap on state hiway
speed zone should be raised
cop should serve and protect on city streets!

Roman Nose State Park

Watonga, OklahomaApr 11, 20030 Comments

Watch out for the gustapo park ranger at Roman Nose. I will never go there again for vacation after him pulling me over for going 16MPH on a road that when I visited previously was 25MPH. First, I WAS going the speed limit and a mysterious car came out tearing of a recreational area behind me like a bat out of hell (it was dark at the time around 7:00-8:00PM after arriving from OKC) and he started tailgating the hell out of me to a point I was totally freaked out. I let off my brake to maybe put some distance between me and him on the narrow road going to the lakes and as soon as I hit 16MPH….the reds and blues in his car’s grill went off. I argued that he was tailgating me and caused me to speed and he said he had to ride that close to me to get an accurate radar reading on his "aging" radar. Whatever. I got popped with a $200.00 ticket for speeding in a State Park. There went my vacation. I had to leave that night because my family had to pay for a speeding ticket instead of a vaction we’d been planning for a month. I had no idea it was a prk ranger to begin with behind me or I would’ve slammed on my brakes. I thought it was just a regular car because I could see shadows of the car behind me and I couldn’t see any lightbars on top. Don’t EVER camp at Roman Nose if you want to have a good time, anyway because there are now just too many rules that all you can do it sit and poop your pants for fun there anymore.

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