West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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OK 59 South of US 412

West Siloam Springs, OklahomaJan 20, 20121 Comments

The construction has been finished there, but it’s still a speed trap. The speed limit southbound is 45 MPH and I’ve personally heard of several cases of them stopping people and even giving them tickets for 1 MPH, yes one mile per hour, over.

Also need to watch yourself going northbound up Siloam Hill. The speed limit quickly drops from 65 to 55 at the top of the hill. This is still Adair County, so our fine OHP officers monitor this.

Oklahoma 59 just south of US412

West Siloam Springs, OklahomaJun 25, 20100 Comments

There is some road construction going on the beginning of US 59 south and the speed limit has temporarily dropped from 45 to 35. They are sitting there with their radar guns making sure people don’t speed and fall off in the ditch. It will cost cost you $145 if they have to save you from yourself. If you do get stopped in this town, you should know that they will chase you across the state line into Arkansas to issue you a ticket.

US 412 west of town

West Siloam Springs, OklahomaDec 17, 20090 Comments

This is well described as an Eastbound trap, but they get you Westbound too. While still in the 45mph zone at the top of a hill, you see a 55 mph speed limit sign just ahead near the bottom. Don’t accelerate until you pass that sign or they’ll get you. Its hard not to accelerate though, because the hill is fairly steep.

US Highway 412 near State Highway 59

West Siloam Springs, OklahomaJan 31, 20080 Comments

Coming in from the west on Hwy 412, it drops from 65 to 40 as you come over the hill. They sit at the bottom of the hill and get you. The entire town of West Siloam is a speed trap.

US Highway 412

West Siloam Springs, OklahomaJun 23, 20050 Comments

This trap is just as 412 east turns into a 4 lane from a divided highway about a mile or sop shy of the arkansas – oklahoma state line. the speed limit goes from 70 to 45 in less than 1/2 mile. The bad part is it is a downhill grade the whole way and hard to slow down. especially for anything under a heavy load.

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