Deep River, Ontario Speed Traps

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Highway #17 and Ridge Road

Deep River, OntarioSep 20, 20140 Comments

The Deep River Police have got a new unmarked police car with radar in it. Beware of the silver Dodge charger bearing license plate “BVLE 444” that often hides on weekend afternoons behind the bushes in the parking lot across from where Ridge road meets the highway.

Beer Store Parking Lot

Deep River, OntarioNov 06, 20110 Comments

The Deep River often set up a speed trap near the beer store parking lot especially in the evenings between 9-11 p.m. on Thursdays – Sundays. Weekends seem to be popular with them as there is more traffic on the road, hence more chance for them to catch speeders. You often also see the one and only unmarked Deep River police car there looking for speeders. It’s a gold Impala bearing Ontario plate BHNW 302. During the day it’s easy to spot it because of the long antenna on the trunk, but you can’t tell at night unless it’s too late!

17 Expressway near Delta Dental Centre

Deep River, OntarioNov 29, 20071 Comments

Seems like with the holiday season approaching, the Deep River Police are back to their constant nearly 24/7 speed trapping on the highway. In addition to the Church parking lot, the Deep River Police seem to like to hide in a secluded corner of the Delta Centre parking lot when it�s dark and empty (especially on weekends and later at night) with their lights off. It is obvious the police are simply looking to increase their ticket quotas as generally when they hide here there is little to no traffic on the highway and its very easy to go over the speed limit and not notice it.

Trans Canada 17 Expressway near School Bus Parking Area Next to The Church

Deep River, OntarioSep 10, 20061 Comments

It seems like they are raking in the cash again this summer as the Deep River Police are again parked and sitting in the church parking lot around the corner next to the school bus parking garage (you will see it rounding the corner just east of the traffic lights). You will find them there especially in the morning around 7:30 – 8:30 AM and in the evening (6:30 onwards). As the Deep River Police have nothing else to do this summer you will see them sit there (at the above mentioned spot) at some point everyday and it can be at anytime of day or night. Either that or you see the cops have stopped an unfortunate motorist (probably from out of town, since all the locals know exactly where the cops hide). But the good news is since that is the only place the cops really "hide", as long as you just watch your speed between the traffic lights and Banting Drive (area near the golf course) you are pretty much free to speed anywhere else along the highway in Deep River as you don’t really have to be looking out for cops "hiding" elsewhere.

Trans Canada 17 Expressway near Church

Deep River, OntarioMay 02, 20051 Comments

Deep River Police in an attempt to increase thier annual ticket revenue sit in the Church parking lot just before the traffic lights of Deep River Road (where the gas station and subway is), they Target east and westbound traffic, However you have a much greater chance of getting caught westbound since you cant see them till it’s too late. Also the zones change very fast here, from 90 to 80 to 60 within a KM or two. Beware this trap is set up pretty much everyday weekday (and sometimes on weekends too) between 3-5 P.M. Usually after 5:30 – 6 you are safe since its dinner time for the cops by then. This is a perfect trap for tourists unfamailiar with the area, since the rest of the highway between North Bay and Ottawa is patrolled by OPP. I see lots of out of province cars being stopped, especially in summer. BEWARE!

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