Corvallis, Oregon Speed Traps

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SE Goodnight

Corvallis, OregonNov 11, 20140 Comments

Mornings, heading west on goodnight, a cop (usually a motorcycle cop) hangs out on one of the side streets and you can’t see him until it’s too late. The speed limit is 25 mph but they usually ignore speeds of up to 30 mph. Evenings it is the reverse and they watch for drivers heading east.

Located on Whitham Hill

Corvallis, OregonApr 16, 20140 Comments

Back side of whitham located close to the apartments on the top. Two motorcycle cops are handing out tickets.

Granger Road

Corvallis, OregonMay 03, 20100 Comments

Traveling west on Granger after just passing Pettibone Rd. the speed drops from 45 to 40 and then to 25 in a suburban area. During school times the limit is 20. I can agree that the speed should be 20 during school times, but not 25 in a suburban area. Could be a major speed trap but I have not been nabbed as I know the rules.

Walnut from 9th Street to Highland

Corvallis, OregonApr 08, 20102 Comments

Walnut is 35 mph until Highland, but between Highland and 9th it goes to 25 mph. Especially motorcycle cops like to park in the driveway of one of the homes and there are lots of people willing to accomodate them by continuing on at 35. It’s not really a classic trap, well marked and they dont hover right at the transition point. But they could write tickets all day.

Hwy 34 Westbound (becomes Harrison Blvd) into Corvallis

Corvallis, OregonMar 13, 20102 Comments

Hwy 34 coming into Corvallis drops from 55-50mph to 25mph BEFORE coming over the bridge. Police often wait for you to come over the bridge (you won’t see them until the last minute!) waiting in the alley by Umpqua Bank or G&J Auto. It’s easy to get caught off guard but it’s a safety concern too. 3rd and Harrison is one of the worst intersections in OREGON for accidents! Believe me, I owned the store at that corner for 24 years!
This speed trap seems to be listed as Van Buren into Corvallis also but that’s the bridge exiting Corvallis, not entering.

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