Dundee, Oregon Speed Traps

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East Bound 99 right before Fulquartz Landing Road

Dundee, OregonMay 11, 20220 Comments

When you drive on 99 East Bound, right before you get to Fulquartz Landing Rd., there is usually an unmarked White Police car using laser to check speeds right as you are coming down the hill. This is serious and is a REAL police trap. Radar detectors won’t help you since the stationary unmarked police car uses laser instead of radar! The Officer uses a laser gun to detect anyone going over the speed limit, so radar detectors are not going to alert you before being clocked by the Officer. By the time you get clocked, the Officer will already have your speed. Beware, this speed checking is frequently enforced.

State Highway 18

Dundee, OregonFeb 16, 20041 Comments

Posted speed limit is 55, the police force is full of cops and will give tickets for doing 56 in a 55 zone.

Highway 99 at Fulquartz Landing Road

Dundee, OregonOct 01, 20013 Comments

This is a really vicious speedtrap. The southbound highway goes from 1 lane to 2 just before it crests a hill, and vehicles in the LH lane are normally passing slower traffic at this point and accelerating down the hill. The cop stations itself with a laser gun in a private driveway about 100 yards from the crest of the hill, and fires the laser at cars just coming over the crest as they are accelerating. Because of the hill, a laser detector will not pick up the beam before it is actually clocking your vehicle. Don’t vote for any police levy in any jurisdiction as long as your tax dollars are being spent on speed traps. If the cops don’t have anything better than that to do with their time, they are overstaffed.

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