Portland, Oregon Speed Traps

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NE 67th and NE Glisan Rd next to Fred Meyer

Portland, OregonFeb 27, 20110 Comments

On NE 67th during dark hours, 6pm or later. One speed van and patrol car hiding behind with a LICENSE PLATE SCANNER frequently.

NE Killingsworth between 82nd Ave. and NE Cully Blvd

Portland, OregonFeb 20, 20110 Comments

The speed limit on NE. Killingsworth between 82nd Ave. and Cully Blvd. is 35 MPH, in both the East and West directions. If you are traveling Westbound from I-205 on NE Killingsworth the speed limit is 45 Mph, and then changes to 35 Mph at 82nd Ave. I have seen the police on motorcycles basically patrol both directions between 82nd and NE Cully Blvd.

Between 102nd Ave to 122nd Ave on NE Glisan st.

Portland, OregonFeb 18, 20110 Comments

The speed limit signs are few and far between on a 4 lane highway that is better suited for 45mph, instead of the 35mph speed limit. The only speed limit sign is 20 long blocks before the photo speed trap. If you are the lead car, driving the speed limit, the (bumper to bumper) cars are so grouped together, radar cannot detect which car is speeding, and there can be 4 or more cars in the photo.

I-205 Southbound near Powell exit/enterance

Portland, OregonFeb 18, 20110 Comments

Moto cop likes to sit in left lane both North and Southbound with lazer gun. There are big gaps in the median every few miles that allow moto cops to face either direction and change directions very easily/fast. Very hard to spot at night, I was busted doing 71 in a 55 at 2am. Heads up!

McLaughlin Blvd

Portland, OregonFeb 15, 20111 Comments

2-15-11 2:45 PM–Very near the Ross Island Bridge northbound goes from 45 to 35mph. Within 100yds of the 35mph sign is a PDX police van taking pictures.

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