Rufus, Oregon Speed Traps

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I-84 at Philippi Canyon (Exit 123)

Rufus, OregonJun 10, 20190 Comments

You can almost rely on seeing police at the eastbound on/off ramp here. I thought about opening a biker cafe there to get motorcyclists in the mindset of going slow.

Hwy 84 and Co-op/Sullivan Lane

Rufus, OregonSep 04, 20160 Comments

Traveling west on 84, got off on Sullivan Lane. Saw a huge stop sign then turned right on 1st to drive toward Rufus. Saw no markings and looking for our turn onto Main where our Maps app directed us to catch Scott Canyon Road to drive toward Bend, OR. On 1st after we travel over a bridge and I don’t see any city limit signs, speed signs or any indication that I was in a city limits area. So I am traveling around 35mph and see the sheriff sitting on the other side of the road. He turns on his lights and pulls me over. He said I was traveling in a 25mph zone. I asked him where the sign was and he said is was back “there” and that I couldn’t see it from where I was pulled over. I said that it was not appropriately marked and he said something about kids and safety. I did not see any residential homes and businesses were well off the road. The signs are so poorly marked that the county sign was missing as well as the Main street sign. By the way, the next 2 towns along Scott County Road had a yellow diamond 45mph sign, 35mph sign and a blinking 25mph sign along with a Sheriff sitting in front of a yellow “school zone” sign. The 3rd town after Rufus has a 45mph zone (where there are buildings the same distance as Rufus). Clearly, this was designed this way to “trap” drivers. The town where the traffic court is Moro, one the appropriately marked signed towns on Scott Canyon Road. If you look on Google Maps, Rufus is clearly not a residential location until you turn onto Main Street. I also question the accuracy of the car’s speed radar equipment.

As you get off hwy 84

Rufus, OregonAug 28, 20160 Comments

The sherif department was lying in wait & stated there was a sign- there is no sign! &160!

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