Springfield, Oregon Speed Traps

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Mill Street near Main Street

Springfield, OregonMar 06, 20060 Comments

I got 2 tickets on this road (Mill St), long ago. The speed is set at 25 mph and should easily be 30 mph or more. They patrol it irreguarily and pull in the money.

Marcola Road near Golf Course

Springfield, OregonJan 21, 20060 Comments

Near the Springfield Country Club right after the bridge over the Mohawk River if your heading towards Marcola. County and State law inforcement only. Some times motorcycle, sometimes car, SUV or truck. Speed limit is 45mph only through this 3 mile section were residence petitioned to lower it to that. It used to be 60mph when I was a kid and the road was much more narrow and corners were sharper back then. Also speed trap at the weigh station where the road is flat and straight. Hides behind the booth. Speed limit 55 mph in that area. Most likely to be there AM and PM rush hour but sometimes inbetween also.

I-5 to 54th Street

Springfield, OregonMar 02, 20030 Comments

Anywhere between the I-5 intersection with 105 and the 54th street intersection. The police, commmonly sherriff’s officers, park directly on the far sides of the three overpasses and nail you as you come over the crest. Most travel 60-65 in this area, although there are some morons who go even faster which is unsafe in this area.

Also, heading west on the 105 watch the stretch between mohawk blvd. and Pioneer parkway. There is a small pad at the top of the Pioneer overpass where you wouldn’t expect a cop, yet a motorcycle officer fits just perfectly.

These are both very well known speed traps in this area.

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