Turner, Oregon Speed Traps

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Turner Oregon

Turner, OregonJul 20, 20140 Comments

Will be stopped for going 2 miles above the 25 mph speed limit.

Aumsville into Turner

Turner, OregonJun 25, 20110 Comments

All I can say is if you can avoid the Town of Turner, DO SO! I was stopped for the fact that the officer on duty “did not recognize my vehicle” then cited me for making a right hand permitted stop sign turn “because I did not signal”!! I went to court and you can forget it. I was the last in line and watched every person get the full fine …Including a 60 yrs old woman who never had a traffic violation and was given a 140$ fine for 5mls over the 25mph post!!Turner= Dukes of Hazzard Justice!!

Delaney Rd, uphill near the water cistern.

Turner, OregonJan 22, 20110 Comments

The new Delaney extension built through Turner up past the water resevoir, connecting to Witzel Rd. The crackerbox homes construction is incomplete, so the smooth bare streets look like they’re deserted, and invite easy uptake of speed till you notice the radar unit hiding in the dark waiting for unsuspecting drivers. Cha-Ching! Thanks for your contribution to our police dept’s retirement fund!

3rd st & Delaney Rd

Turner, OregonDec 27, 20100 Comments

They sit in the Gravel behind parked cars in the intersetion of 3rd &delaney
at perssion towing and at Mill Creek Heating back off the rd again with lights off so there not seen.

Delaney Road near Main Street

Turner, OregonAug 09, 20080 Comments

It is common knowedge to locals that Turner, Oregon (very small community)is a speed trap in it’s entirety. The police hide behind buildings and or wooden fences or park just far enough back off the streets and near bridges so they can watch the cars pass on the main thoroughfares. Sometimes there are unmarked vehicles in other locations that contain individuals holding up a radar machine to check the speed of drivers. There are at least 5 ways to go in and out of Turner. The speed limit in Turner varies and confuses drivers. For instance, coming from Aumsville as you enter Turner, the speed goes from 45 to 25 then turns to 35 on one side of the street (while it is 25 just a few feet away on the other side of the street to the opposing traffic). It is very common any day of the week to see drivers pulled over and receiving a ticket as they come into or leave Turner, Oregon.

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