Fleetwood, Pennsylvania Speed Traps

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Schiery Rd. Richmond Township. 1.5 miles N. of Fleetwood, Pa

Fleetwood, PennsylvaniaNov 22, 20140 Comments

Enforcement blitzes. Road used as short cut to manufacturing plant by employees, who sometimes speed.
Schiery Rd. is posted at 25 mph near it’s intersection with Rte 662. Except for an initial few homes at the beginning of road, it is a very rural road. Such roads are routinely posted as 40 or 45 mph, past the few homes, elsewhere. Or they are often un-posted, like Rte 662 in that area, which makes it a default 55 mph rural speed limit. Rather than post this rural road at a sensible 40 mph., it is used as ticket generator.
Avoid this road during early morning to early evening hours. Also at late evening shift changes.
Two squad cars are used. One monitoring a wireless connected timing device and the other as a chase car. During blitzes, no warnings are issued.

Near the farmer’s Grange meeting hall on PA route 662

Fleetwood, PennsylvaniaApr 17, 20110 Comments

Usually this speed trap is active at night. The grange sits on a stretch of 662 where the speed limit drops suddenly from the 55 mph on this stretch to 40 mph as you near the outskirts of Fleetwood. Cop car will sit there with lights off. Drivers not paying attention to either the speed limit signs or staying alert for skulking police cars get nabbed. The police in this area also look for cars with tail lights or head lights that might be out as well.

Intersection of PA Rote 73 & Blandon-Fleetwood Road

Fleetwood, PennsylvaniaApr 17, 20110 Comments

Active both day and night. Cops will usually sit on the Turkey Hill parking lot at this intersection, and occasionally on the Church parking lot that is also at this intersection. The posted speed is 45 mph, but the signs on this stretch of road are few and far between. They also pounce on anyone blowing through the light or failing to use their turn signals at this intersection. While there are no signs forbidding turning on red, it is advised not to do so both due to the busy nature of this intersection and the zealousness that local police patrol this stretch with.

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