Monroeville, Pennsylvania Speed Traps

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Route 22 near Spitzer auto

Monroeville, PennsylvaniaAug 13, 20120 Comments

Eastbound on Rt. 22, I and a number of others were pulled off by Spitzer Auto Sales. There were 3 or 4 chase cars and a radar car. My ticket was for going 63 in a 45. $153+3points. The cop was polite and professional and suggested I plead not guilty. I guess they get paid for court appearances which is easier duty than writing tickets. I was trying to get around a car spewing exhaust fumes and got nailed. I’ll definitely request a hearing and hopefully get a reduced fine and points removed. A real pisser considering I was on my way to take my mother to the doctor. I thought radar was not permitted to be used by local police in PA, only by State Police?


Monroeville, PennsylvaniaNov 04, 20100 Comments

Marked and unmarked Police cars sit at either end of a small stretch of Rt 993 in Trafford, from First Street to the Trafford Middle School at top of Hill. Entering town, the speed limits drops from 45 MPH to 25 MPH in Trafford. Cops have a field day busting drivers who do not slow down to the 25 MPH. So many people busted!

Interstate 376 West

Monroeville, PennsylvaniaMar 28, 20040 Comments

Coming right out of Monroville going towards Pittsburgh, cop comes out of no where, less than a mile away from Monroeville and hits me with a 200 dollar ticket saying i was going 90 when he clocked me, i thought it was a 65 zone, apparently it’s 55, nontheless, i wasn’t going ninety but state cops are harsh so watch youself

Turnpike at Monroeville, going east about 3 miles

Monroeville, PennsylvaniaJul 24, 20020 Comments

About 3 mikes going east after getting on at Monroeville Turnpike 376 East, there is a bend that once you go around there is a huge pull-off area. Cops are frequently there. Always be careful anytime there is a curve that you can not see ahead. Also, always watch when the drivers in front of you break all at once. It may be nothing, but if there is a curve, be careful! I have gotten 2 tickets in the past 3 years on that stretch.

I-76 PA Turnpike WESTBOUND, Behind Exit 5 Bridge

Monroeville, PennsylvaniaJul 12, 20020 Comments

My First speeding ticket was gotton on the PA Turnpike heading westbound back to college. A State Trooper got me with radar immediately after the Exit 5 Monroeville Interchange. At that time I did not have a radar detector, and was not that concerned with my speed, so I was caught going 86 in a 55 (which was just previously a 65). I was unaware that the speed limit had changed, and I am certain that I was not going that fast. I was in a string of traffic all going the same speed, and I was on the shaft end of it, I’ll never make that mistake again. Honestly, a large highway such as the turnpike should NOT have speed limits less than 65 MPH. PA is such a long state, and it takes me a while to drive my 245 mile weekly commute back home on the weekends. If a twisty and curvey road such as Route 30 on the Mountains can be marked as 55 MPH, then why the heck isn’t the comparatively straight as a nail turnpike marked as 65 MPH??? It only makes sense. While safety is a key ingredient to all things in life, the practicality of it all is that today’s people need to get places as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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