Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Speed Traps

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I-95 across the state line from Massachusetts.

Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 07, 20160 Comments

An unmarked dark brown vehicle zeroes in on you as soon as you cross the state line on 95 from Massachusetts heading into New Hampshire.The state trooper flashes the lights and hails you over, demanding you to produce license and registration quickly so he doesn’t have to stand on the shoulder to the right heading north. The fine is $310 and is “by act of the state (New Hampshire) legislature.”. He was brusque and loud.He acted like Invaded his state. I have a PA license plate and I reside in Philadelphia. Must have been bait for him.

Intersection on Bustleton Avenue and Benton Avenue

Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaNov 05, 20140 Comments

The light on Bustleton Avenue is very short and the intersection is very long. If the light turns yellow while driving the speed limit when entering the intersection, the light will be red when in the middle of the intersection.

Kelly or East Rive Drive and West Rive Drive

Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaNov 29, 20100 Comments

While driving you’ll notice a tall slim pole whose base is green but near the top there is a small circle painted yellow.
Some of those poles are timing devices for VASCAR. Usually one can zip along there at a nice rate of speed, but if you get nailed, you’re dead meat. You can’t beat VASCAR because it is a timing device. I’ve seen the Phila PD parked halfway up the hill just past the Strawberry Mansion bridge. BE CAREFUL especially in the AM rush hour.

I was hustling along as another car passed me and not more then two or three minutes later, he got nailed. I was lucky.

For the WEST RIVER DRIVE, the police normally park high up on the grass plots where they cannot be seen until it’s to late.
Be careful!

Henry ave and Walnut lane

Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaNov 02, 20102 Comments

Red light cameras on both sides of Henry Ave and Walnut Lane.
They have been there for a short period of time
as I write this (11-2-2010).
My understanding is that until December 1, 2010
They will be issuing warnings (I’m not absolutely sure of that date) and thereafter, it will cost the unlucky driver that blows the light $100 dollars and three points on their license.

Route 1 south at I-76

Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 18, 20100 Comments

When driving south on Route 1/Roosevelt Blvd. on the ramp to I-76 East (toward Center City), State Police often sit in a small driveway located in the median just on the far side of the bridge. The limit here is 50 mph.

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