Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Speed Traps

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Banksville Road ( inside city Limits)

Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJan 24, 20130 Comments

Not so much a Speed Trap, but the City recently installed Red Light cameras on all the yellow pedestrian walk light boxes. Little gray colored boxes mounted on top. I was sitting at a red light for 4.5 minutes at 415am, not one car passed in front of me, but the light never changed. Fed up with waiting, I made the right hand turn. Sure enough, cop car hiding behind building. Pulled me over, was given a warning.

Banksville Road where it onramps to the 376

Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaMay 15, 20120 Comments

They sit at one of the last few shops/parking lots on Banksville, radar the speeders and pull over 5 or more cars at once. They did this quite often last year during the summer and a few times in the winter. I expect they’ll resume here fairly soon.

Evergreen and Ivory Avenue/ Summer Hill Neighborhood

Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaFeb 17, 20111 Comments

I have seen a motorcycle cop writing up people in the BP parking lot on two occasions. He must be waiting as people exit 279 North and turn onto Evergreen Road near the WPXI television station. He either gets them for speeding or perhaps running stop signs in the immediate area.

Crane Avenue @Brashear High School

Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaNov 24, 20100 Comments

Caution driving if you’re on Saw Mill Run going up Crane Ave @2-3:30 p.m. time frame. School lets out and the posted speed is 15 mph. However, it’s difficult trying to maintain this speed up hill. If you’re even 2 or 3 miles over the posted speed, police will ticket and you can’t win in court.

McMonagle Avenue (toward Greentree Road)

Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJun 11, 20100 Comments

this is the newest location I observed. There are 5 communities on this road (Banksville, Dormont, Mt. Lebanon, Scott, Greentree) It begins at Banksville Road onto McMonagle and continues past N. Meadowcroft to the last home within City of Pgh limits. There are 2 officers at the lower portion of the road and 2 at the end of the city limits. The posted speed limit is 35 mph, however, most cars accelerate to at least 50 mph.

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