Upper Providence, Pennsylvania Speed Traps

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State Route 1 near State Route 252

Upper Providence, PennsylvaniaOct 08, 20060 Comments

The traps are on both sides of rt.1 they sit up on the on ramps to rt.1 off of rt. 252 timming you I was caught 8 months ago doing 79.8 in a 55 so be careful if u do get caught go to the court date tell the judge your there u have the money but you just dont want the points it always works especially from me being a leadfoot. Careful out there.

Providence Road near Bishop Hollow Road

Upper Providence, PennsylvaniaSep 24, 20060 Comments

This is not a speed trap!This entry is stop sign enforcement only.An officer will occasionally sit at the intersection of bishop hollow rd. and providence rd. and enforce the four way stop sign there. He mainly is enforcing the traffic traveling on providence rd. since if you were traveling on bishop hollow rd. you’d behave and come to a complete stop.He has a nice hiding spot on the side of the road which he sits with his lights off in total darkness.There is a street lamp there,but in the warmer months the trees are full so it blocks the light and sometimes i’ve noticed that the street lamp isn’t even on.If you don’t come to a complete stop he will pull you over as i’ve seen it happen at least a dozen times as i pass by here every weeknight while going home from work.He is not always there every night so one never knows when he will be there so make sure come to a complete stop everytime.I don’t see very many people pulled over for speeding in the township so they have to make their money somehow,you’ve been warned!

US Highway 1 near State Route 252

Upper Providence, PennsylvaniaMay 21, 20060 Comments

Be Very careful as you cross Route 252 on US1 in either direction. They (Upper Providence PD) use white lines to clock you and may not pull you over right away. Some motorists are followed all the way to neighboring Middletown before being stopped for a violation three miles back. This is a 55 zone and you can probably be okay up to 70, but if you are moving at a high speed, even being vigilant isn’t enough.

Providence Road

Upper Providence, PennsylvaniaJan 02, 20040 Comments

While traveling north on providence rd. in upper providence deleware county you will sometimes encounter two areas that are usually only enforced late at night mainly so that the officers in their cars are well hidden until it’s too late for the violators that think the cops are all at wawa or dunkin’ donuts at this time.The first area is at bishop hollow rd. The officer will sit along the edge of the roadway on west bishop hollow rd. which is in total darkness even though there is a street lamp nearby that is sometimes luminated,if he is sitting there you will only see him if you come to a complete stop at the stop sign so make sure you do!The second area is about a mile north from there at fawn hill lane.The officer will sit on this lane which is across the street from an entrance to mary magadalen church.The white lines sit between the lane so the officer sitting there has full of them.I see the officers sit in these two areas sometimes as i am on my way home from working second shift (between 11:30pm-12:00am weeknights) probably because there’s nothing much else to do at this hour and i’ve seen them pull people over so don’t think they won’t.You never know when they will be there so you should be thinking that whenever you are driving in these two areas!Consider yourself warned! 🙂

Balitmore Pike South away from Media

Upper Providence, PennsylvaniaAug 03, 20030 Comments

ATTENTION: If traveling south on Baltimore Pike away from media just before the Baltimore Pike/Rt. 1 merge, UP cops sit on ridley creek road and time you between two painted lines. Speed limit is only 25, that is insane. UP cops are terrble money grubbing pigs.

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