Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Speed Traps

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PR 177 and PR 841 thru Crisalida St. & F. Paz Granela Ave.

Guaynabo, Puerto RicoOct 16, 20140 Comments

The speed limit drops from 45 MPH to 15 MPH due to the presence of a school. Red Camera and mobile radar unit are deployed. Some of the speed signs lacks visibility. Photo enforced signs are visible. Yellow light timing shorter than the US-DOT recommended timing.


Guaynabo, Puerto RicoApr 29, 20100 Comments

this is a golden goose. from about 0500-0700 when trafic is low the highway patrol is out. a big pull over is not using your directional. they see you move then pounce. since there is no place to pull over northbound you keep going until you can get off at san patrico. then they give you 2 -nobody knows why-TICKETS. then they bang a u turn under the overpass and hit the south bound side.
there are usually 3 crusers doing this.
i know cause i drive this road daily between 0515-0535 and got a ticket.

Apolo Ave

Guaynabo, Puerto RicoMar 10, 20100 Comments

Apolo Ave is a 4 lane road without middle line or lines defining lanes.
Sometimes going from Rd#1 down to Alejandrino Rd, the trap is set just before the Apolo Shopping ctr on the right of the road (corner of Delfos st.). Is a speed trap without a routine, that is to say that is not there every day, just the day you don’t expected.
Apolo Ave. used to be 35MPH and about a couple of years ago it was changed to 25MPH. If you go even in Neutral, going down this Ave. you will reach 35 to 40MPH, so keep your foot on the brakes all the way down.

Guaynabo Expressway near State Route Bayamon

Guaynabo, Puerto RicoSep 29, 20050 Comments

When you exit from Bayamon into the freeway off Buchanan toll at any time be aware of those Gray 5.0 Mustang.This Mustang have video and sound system, and just Blue signal lights.This Police officer love to chase and can perform and drive as a pro. Also pay attention to the municipality Police of Guaynabo City they are like magic, they come out from any area of Guaynabo. They have those white crown vitoria with blue and green lights. Always ask to see the Radar. If a fine is given you can go to the district court to cancell this fine or ticket. You will be notify by mail and also the police officer. You will have a 99% to be cancel your ticket due, that the officer has to go on his day off and he or she will not go.Thats all for the judge to determine to cancel the ticket.Always be polite to a police officer.

Kennedy Avenue near landfill to the right San Juan bound

Guaynabo, Puerto RicoOct 06, 20041 Comments

There is usually a few of them that you don’t even get to see anywhere along the many hiding places on the marginal road . Surely, they must relay what they see to the readily waiting cops at the end of the industrial stretch right where the marginal road merges with the Avenue. It works in the other direction too with the cops waiting around the trebol motors dealership. They target young ones that come and go from old San Juan and they are quick to assume that you are drunk or carrying drugs, thus they treat you BAD!

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