Gatineau, Quebec Speed Traps

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St. Louis Street near Gatineau River

Gatineau, QuebecFeb 04, 20070 Comments

On St. Louis Street, also known as highway 307, cruising along beside the Gatineau River, between Hwy 50 and the Alonso Bridge.

Montclair Boulevard near de La Carriļ¾re Boulevard

Gatineau, QuebecJan 17, 20070 Comments

An unmarked police cruiser will park next to the train tracks. Sometimes a Dodge Charger, other times a CVPI. Speed limit is 50 km/h, although it is not uncommon for drivers to go minimum 70 km/h on this stretch of road.
Other times, a police cruiser will wait on Mangin Street, in the parking lot adjacent to Pilon lumberyards.

Maisonneuve Boulevard near Place du Portage

Gatineau, QuebecNov 27, 20060 Comments

I was caught going 84 along Maisonneuve boul. in front of the St. Huberts. I truly thought is was 70km. To my shock I found out it was only 50km. This is a 6 lane boulverard no need for it to be 50km.

State Highway 50 East near Maloney Boulevard

Gatineau, QuebecAug 30, 20060 Comments

I commute daily to Gatineau. I cross from Ottawa via the King Edward Bridge and then once in Hull I get on the 50 East. If you are on the 50 East to Montreal it will take you thru Gatieau. In between the St Louis and Maloney exit there is usually a QPP cruiser in a U-turn area in the middle of the highway. He is only there in the AM, and I would saw I seem them there twice a week.

Maloney Boulevard near As you exit the 50 East

Gatineau, QuebecAug 30, 20061 Comments

If you are East bound of the 50 east and wish to get off on Maloney blv, watch out. There is a brilliant speed trap as you exit. It works well because you are on the 50E doing 100-120km/ph , as you exit to Maloney Blv it is a nice smooth downhill road and the speed limit changes to 70km/ph. This is where they get you. Beyond the Apex of the turn pike there are QPP cruisers waiting for you. They don’t even chase you down, they just wave you down because they see you well before you see them.

I see them there 1 to 2 times a week. Wish my own eyes I have only seen the QPP there for AM rush hour, but Cabbies tell me the QPP can be there at anytime.

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