Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec Speed Traps

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At the entrance of Hotel des Gouverneurs

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QuebecOct 17, 20100 Comments

ON McDonald street. Corner of Boul Seminaire/McDonald. As you exit the highway 35, you approach boulevard Seminaire, and speed up not to miss the traffic light…as you cross Boul. Seminaire, on your right, is an un-marqued police car, (Chrysler black, or Tan Chevrolet). So obvious the un-marked car is right accross the Police Station. I wonder if he has permission to even do radar on private property.

4 Places around the Racicot School

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QuebecOct 17, 20100 Comments

From Pierre Caisse, on DeNormandie Blvd. all the way to Marie DeRome.
On Marie DeRome, from corner of DeNormandie To Choquette Street.
From Marie DeRome (choquette Street )up to Pierre Caisse.
Between Choquette and De Normandie on Pierre Caisse, SCHOOL AREA
This is a complete square of the school area. Un-marked police cars, parked by the Church yard on Choquette and on school grounds.
On DeNormandie, the police cars are stationed in front of any parked cars.

Bonneau Street-Behind Canadian Tire

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QuebecJun 07, 20100 Comments

as you travel north or south on Champlain Street (along side the waterway). You will notice behind the Canadian Tire a small park. The street next to this park is Bonneau (No exit) You will notice a three way stop. If you are driving south you will notice a parked police car behind other parked cars on your right. If you drive going north on Champlain, you may not see the radar.

Under the Overpass of St-Luc Boulevard on Route 35

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QuebecMay 13, 20100 Comments

If you are heading toward Montreal from St-Jean sur Richelieu on route 35.You will see the Shopping Mall on your right. As you drive on you will be approaching an overpass, just pass, hidden is a Provincial Police car. Another overpass is ahead, same, a Provincial Police car is parked hidden from upcoming traffic. Warning, don’t think you got away easy….2 miles before the Route 10 intersection, you will notice, one police car on the median…and probably another as you cross the overpass to get route 10…The police cars are waiting under the overpass as you go to Montreal, the were notified by the radar parked.

Located in the parking of Nursing Home-Blvd St-Luc

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QuebecApr 13, 20100 Comments

The Nursing home looks like a big school, converted into a Nursing Home, named Gertrude Lafrance. It’s on the right hand side as you go south, just around that hidden curve. The radar is stationed in a black chrysler unmarked police car…the other car is parked at the stop sign accross the street. Also there is a used car lot, they were noticed to have parked with the used cars to do radar. It’s a perfect trap, from 70 km to 50 km as you leave the expressway.

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