Pawtucket, Rhode Island Speed Traps

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Division Street near McCoy Stadium for Pawtucket Red Sox

Pawtucket, Rhode IslandFeb 22, 20040 Comments

Police patrol car is on the Division St. side entrance/exit for the McCoy Stadium parking lot, right behind the tall hedges in entrance of the parking lot, which makes police car hard to see at night with only parking lights on.

Middle St, Rte 95 entrance ramp

Pawtucket, Rhode IslandOct 06, 20030 Comments

Cops hide in parking lot of night club on right hand side of road. They catch you as you accelerate to enter Rte. 95. Spped limit is only 25MPH here. Pawtucket is well known for their money making speed tickets. They have their own Municipal Court, which gets them a higher percentage of the money. If they are really out to encourage public safety, why are they only out on beautiful sunny days and not rainy more dangerous ones?

Prospect St.

Pawtucket, Rhode IslandJul 23, 20020 Comments

Police like to sit on the right and left side of this street just after number 500 Prospect St. They have good hiding spots where they can’t be seen until you are on top of them. The limit is posted at 25 and if you are doing anything over 30 they will nail you.

Smithfield Avenue

Pawtucket, Rhode IslandJun 26, 20020 Comments

This is definately one of the most common speed traps. Many of my co-workers have been tagged on this road. During the school year, policemen just sit there all day directly across from the school and fire department. They’ll get ya every time!

School St.

Pawtucket, Rhode IslandApr 05, 20020 Comments

There are three main spots that the Pawtucket Police hide on School St. The first two are after the 2nd traffic light when you get off of 95 North. They either hide on the left on Chestnut St. (where they are blocked by a low thick tree)or on the right in the Medical Center Parking lot. The third spot is about 1/2 mile up the road, the road bears to the right and there are tennis courts on the right hand side (10ft chain link fence) they hide in a little parking lot right after the courts where there is a traffic light. These three spots helped School St. in Pawtucket earn the second most finacial grossing speed trap in the COUNTRY!

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