Portsmouth, Rhode Island Speed Traps

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State Route 138 near Town Hall at the Top

Portsmouth, Rhode IslandJul 08, 20080 Comments

Bottom of Quaker Hill…big steep hill with 4 lanes and 25 mph.. They sit at the bottom of the hill – it’s nearly impossible not to exceed the limit.


State Route 114 near Raytheon Town Resevoir

Portsmouth, Rhode IslandNov 08, 20060 Comments

Speed limit is 35, usually sit at the bottom of the hill that Raytheon sits on (which is on your right when going down the hill) or sometimes on the side of the road, even in turn lanes sometimes at night. The hill is very steep, and 35 is a ludicrous speed. Used be 45, but lowered it a few years ago. Catch people here all the time.

State Highway 24 near Exit Number End of 24 where it merges with 114

Portsmouth, Rhode IslandJan 14, 20060 Comments

This is a very exploitive trap. Right as you drive up the last hill on 24, the speed limit changes from 50, to 40, to 30 in under half a mile. The highway ends and goes into a curve merging with 114. Officers sit right over the hill on the right side so you can’t see them beacuse of the hill and the curve. They will get you every time beacuse of the quick speed changes. I got a ticket for going 50mph in the 40mph zone along with two others, so the strictly enforce this zone and exploit the qiuck speed changes. I’ve seen people cet caught more than once a week every week for 3 years now in that spot and right nearby there. also watch out for Portsmouth Police right when you come off the off-ramp as they also sit at the top of that hill.

State Highway Rt 24 South near State Highway 114 South

Portsmouth, Rhode IslandJan 11, 20060 Comments

Police park in breakdown lane at the end of Rt. 24 South on the ramp to 114 South in Portsmouth. The limit drops down to 40 MPH (from 50 or 55). The police park on the other side of a small crest in the road so that they can’t be seen until too late. This stretch of road is also going down an incline.

State Route 138 near Aquidneck Island

Portsmouth, Rhode IslandJul 09, 20040 Comments

This "trap" is more like the Portsmouth Police are required to fill a quota. If they don’t, THEY get punished. So, I almost said high enforcement, because the ticketing is very exploitive, but the speed limit is not completely unrealistic. It is, however, still below what can be done safely.

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