Charleston, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Charleston, South CarolinaMar 30, 20030 Comments

Unmarked Fords and Camaros and motorcycles – they don’t have many truly MARKED cars. They prefer to trap speeders than to slow them down with the sight of a marked car. The name of the game should be "PREVENTION & EDUCATION" not scratch the pad. Unmarked card do not do this. They just "catch" speeders. Actually adding to the overall problem.

Michaux pkwy aka Airport Road

Charleston, South CarolinaDec 27, 20020 Comments

Turning off on Dorchester road, onto Airport Rd to get to the highway is just asking for a ticket. The speed limit is 35mph, do just that. South Carolina unlike some states allows unmarked cars to pull you over and they have every car you can imagine, BMW’s, camaro’s you name it. You’ll speed up to 55 and the cool black beemer behind you will pull you over. Once you reach the light the speedlimit changes to 45 again do just that. They also you air patrol, and if you’re from outta town forget it, because everyone in Charleston knows to go 35, then 45, so if you didnt notice how you left the rest of traffic, thats on you.

Harbor View Road

Charleston, South CarolinaAug 06, 20020 Comments

Officers will sit behind a fenced-in driveway (that is actually legally a roadway), just past I-30 (Connector) and clock on motorcycles or in a squad, unmarked or marked, as motorists travel NE on Harborview (away from Folly Rd.)

Rt. 17 & I-26 near Cooper River bridge

Charleston, South CarolinaJul 22, 20020 Comments

Trap is for a lane change more than speed. Two roads merge with four or five lanes. One has a solid white line a considerable distance almost to a traffic light. Cop hides in several places waiting to see you cross that white line before the light and has lied in court as to where he was. Don’t bother to go to court. You will always lose. This is a money maker for the city.

greenridge just off rivers

Charleston, South CarolinaMay 02, 20020 Comments

they sit behind bushes in a church parking lot, across the street in a washout and just down the road behind the buildings

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