Chesnee, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Town of Chesnee, SC

Chesnee, South CarolinaSep 02, 20100 Comments

While the location is most frequently set up entering Chesnee on 221 from North Carolina, it is not uncommon to see an officer sitting in various locations throughout the town. In the later hours of the evening, there will often be someone sitting in the 25 mph posted speed zone as people are exiting Chesnee heading North on 221 towards North Carolina. This tiny community is located a few miles inside the state of SC, and Highway 221is a
major route between Spartanburg SC and many North Carolina Communities. We usually see someone pulled over everytime we go through this little town.

Highway 221 going out of Chesnee toward North Carolina

Chesnee, South CarolinaMar 07, 20100 Comments

Chesnee Police will sit in front of Wison Furniture sign, the sign is in Cherokee County, Chesnee is in Spartanburg County, There are posted School Zone sign on both side of the highway and the speed limit 25 mph, but the Chesnee Elem. School move to a new located in 2008, which mean it should not be a school zone

US Highway 221 near hampton Street

Chesnee, South CarolinaSep 06, 20080 Comments

Wide hwy entering city limits. Speed limit rapidly descends from 45mph to 25mph…signs not very visible…officer sitting right by 25mph sign. Same condition at both ends of town. Even if you immediately try to slow down when spotting the sign, it is nearly impossible to get down to 25 before the officer motions you over to the side of the road. They seemed to be targeting out-of-state cars. We were 10 mph over the limit and the fine is $155.00 (although they call it a "bond forfeiture" on the citation) Of course you have the option of contesting it in person at a court appearance at 5:00p.m. one week later.

US Highway 221 near US Highway 221

Chesnee, South CarolinaMar 28, 20060 Comments

Approaching Chesnee, SC from the south on Highway 221 the speed drops from 55 to 45 to 35 very quickly although the road is 4 lanes wide with a large turning lane between them. As you start down a hill toward town, there will be a funeral home on the right and the limit has already dropped to 35. The officers hide on either the left or side of the road and can be found there at nearly any time of day or night. They exploit the fact that the limit has changed so quickly with the signs noting the speed being nearly invisible. The road is still wide and with very little traffic leading you to feel the limit is still 45-55.

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