Cottageville, South Carolina Speed Traps

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State Highway 17A near City Limit

Cottageville, South CarolinaFeb 19, 20080 Comments

Speed limits change from 55mph to 45mph to 35mph and finally 25mph around the towns center.

State Route 17-A

Cottageville, South CarolinaJan 21, 20080 Comments

Town uses unmarked cars and marked cars as well as un unmarked pickup truck, heavy enforcement, and has been on 20/20 and 60 Minutes even the locals operate under the speed limit. This is the main Rd. thru town

State Highway 17A

Cottageville, South CarolinaApr 18, 20050 Comments

My wife and I were on vacation, driving through Cottageville on a 2 lane road. As the road turns a corner it becomes a 4 lane road. At the time, I was following a logging truck. At the 4 lane section, I moved to the slow lane. I was driving a rental car with the rental car company name on the license plate holder. A police officer was hiding behind the corner and gave me a ticket for 50 in a 35 zone, just like others on this site. This is the first ticket I have gotten in over 20 years. I am a pilot and a clean driving record is important to me. Subsidizing the fulltime judge of a town with a population of 700 is one thing, but needlessly affecting my career is another. I live too far away to show up in court, so I called the judge. He told me to talk to the officer and asked for my phone number. Needless to say, the officer never called. The reduction in speed over the distance travelled is unrealistic to comfortable driving. Also, the police officer was blatently hiding around the curve with the expectation that normal people would indeed break the speed limit. On the back of the ticket I was given, it states "the primary aim of traffic law enforcement is to reduce traffic accidents, injuries and deaths through fair, impartial, and reasonable enforcement of traffic laws". This ticket was neither fair nor impartial and certainly did not satisfy the intent of the law. As a pilot, my first duty to my passengers is safety. The second is comfort. I carry this philosophy to driving. Radical changes in speed in an aircraft are the same as in a car. They are uncomfortable and can be dangerous.

US Highway 17-A near Cottageville city limits

Cottageville, South CarolinaNov 15, 20040 Comments

City police hiding in the gas station or church parking or tucked just around the bend far enough so you don’t see them. The posted limit drops rapidly from 55 to 45 to 35 and if you’re still doing 46 when you pass that 35mph sign….you’re busted!

State Highway 17A near Depot Avenue

Cottageville, South CarolinaAug 16, 20040 Comments

I was driving on Hwy 17A approaching the town of Cottageville. This is a two lane road and I was stuck behind a slow moving wood chip truck, as I got closer to Cottageville a sadan type vehicle and a utility type truck passed me and pulled between me and the wood chip truck. As we came into Cottageville the road widen to four lanes, so I decided to pass all of the vehicles. Once I pulled into the right lane and accellerated pass them the sadan pulled out, turned on a dash mounted light and pulled me over. When I pulled over and stopped, so did the sadan and the utility truck (I think they were working together). I explained that I was trying to get in front of the truck so as not to be behind him again when the highway went back to two lanes. He proceeded to write me a ticket for speeding as well as "Careless Driving", a total of $475.00 fine.

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