Georgetown, South Carolina Speed Traps

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HWY 17 North of Waccamaw River Bridge Leaving City

Georgetown, South CarolinaMar 13, 20160 Comments

The Pawleys Island 45 zone on the 4 lane HWY 17 has been extended almost all the way to the bridges. Once you hit the 60 MPH zone leaving the city, within a mile or so, the speed is not cut to 45 MPH from 60 MPH. It is a revenue zone and is a trap sporadically. I do not have a pattern of when it is most enforced though local traffic is largely ignoring the 45 signs and traveling at 55-60 all the way to the old 45 zone at Pawleys Island.

Ocean Hwy on 17

Georgetown, South CarolinaApr 07, 20140 Comments

I was entering Georgetown via US 17 coming from Myrtle Beach. There a couple of bridges to cross: the first bridge is 60mph (US 17 is mostly 60mph).

As soon as you clear the bridge, it becomes 45mph going into the 2nd bridge. It then becomes 35mph at the base of the second bridge. Cops wait at both sides.

And yeah, watch out for the speed sign! It was positioned at the far right away from the bridge. You are lucky if you can see it from the left lane as you are going down the bridge.

State Highway 17 near County Trunk Maryville

Georgetown, South CarolinaJun 23, 20070 Comments

Georgetown City Limits has several spped traps. St. James St headed towards Sampit is 25 MPH and they mean 25. Usually sit on side street and clock both directions.

After crossing bridge at steel mill, be very cautious. 45 Mph is posted all they way til you leave the city limits. They run k band and laser anytime of the day or night . Be especially careful coming back into town from Charleston. It drops from 60 MPH to 45 MPH very quickly and they patrol it vigorously. In fact I was clocked at 54 MPH by a patrol car coming towards me before I ever hit the city limits, then he waited until I was well with in the jurisdiction to pull me over and write down a crossroad referrence. Be careful thru there!

US 17, right near the city limits

Georgetown, South CarolinaNov 06, 20020 Comments

Speed limit is 60, then within a short distance it automatically drops to 45. Cops position themselves in the parking lot of a gas station only a hundred feet or so after the 45 marker and catch people as they are slowing down. I had my car on cruise control at 60 and started to coast but only reached 50 as I was entering the 45mph zone but thought nothing of it since I was obviously slowing still… cop pulled me over claiming I was still going 60. Apparently, Georgetown’s paper mill, its only source of city revenue, is shutting down and so this is the only way the city generates money now. A newspaper article was published recently stating that the city generates about $1.5 million in speeding tickets each year.

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