Loris, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Rt. 9 east bound toward Myrtle Beach, Horry County

Loris, South CarolinaApr 18, 20220 Comments

Driving my Toyota with top speed 85 east bound on rt. 9 we saw no less than eight county police officers pulling over cars all headed east none west. In a 5 mile area. Then came my turn. Police officer pulled me over an told me he had me on radar doing 89 in a 60. He took my paper work to his car then returned. Telling me he gave me a break an only charged me with doing 69 in a sixty and if I paid the $76 online I don’t have to go to jail. I wasn’t speeding.

Entire city

Loris, South CarolinaMar 18, 20111 Comments

Cops sits near Fords Fuel and monitors tracks and traffic. I got stopped on this road for ingoring train signal when the barrier has not even started coming down, cop was a middle aged arrogant man who would not let you say a word, he stood in the road waving his arms around acting like a crazy man! When to fight it in court, the officer lied telling the judge the barrier was completely down and he saw me drive around the barrier! Luckily I had take photos of the area and if the barrier had been down, the deep wells from the tracks would have completely destroyed my small car. When the barrier is down, there is no extra pavement over the tracks around the barriers. Judge saw this and threw out the case!
With the economy tight with many small towns, they will stop you for anything, and often lie in court! Becareful!

IGA parking lot or closed restaurant next door

Loris, South CarolinaOct 30, 20101 Comments

A very young and very arrogant policeman will hide his car in store parking lot along Hwy 701. Road goes from 40 mph to 30 mph right at this point. Most cars are coasting to slow down, but he will ticket you for not being at 30 mph. Also, in this town, don’t pass or go around on the right of a car that is waiting to make a left turn. In Loris, this is illegal passing on the right and will result in a fine of $250.00

Bryant Street near State Highway Bus. Hwy 9

Loris, South CarolinaJul 28, 20070 Comments

Loris City Police are known to hide behind bushes and or trees and also in driveways that are long and have a wide place a cop might use to hide in

The whole town

Loris, South CarolinaMar 01, 20023 Comments

Out of state plates make you a prime target,especially N.C. tags.Not only speeding tickets but all kinds, my girl friend pulled out of a side street and was clocked at 48 in a 20 zone around 65 feet from where she pulled out, NO WAY! her car won’t accelerate that fast. A friend was cited for loud music($500 fine,sic)on a nite when he didn’t even have his radio on,it was the car behind him but the officer didn’t want to believe him,the guy in the other car even apoligized to my friend later in a parking lot. If you pass through on your way to myrtle beach,be CAREFULL!

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