Mullins, South Carolina Speed Traps

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North Main Street near North Mullins Primary School

Mullins, South CarolinaApr 27, 20100 Comments

Coming into Mullins on North Main Street ( SC917) an unmarked car will often sit on the left hand side on the cemetary property facing towards town (south).
The cemetary and the school are adjacent to each other, with a street in between. This morning there was a white unmarked Dodge challenger there. Speed limit is 40 at that spot.

US Highway 917

Mullins, South CarolinaJul 19, 20070 Comments

You’ve turned off Hwy 76 on Hwy 917 because a sign back at the turn says "Shortest Route to N. Myrtle Beach." In about a mile as you pass a school you start speeding up because there is nothing in front of you except open road. Bam, the cop sitting in the school parking lot nails you. There used to be a 45mph interval between the 35mph and 55mph at the city limit but they took it down. Guess why? If you come in from the other direction you go from 55mph to 35mph. So they have you coming and going. I live right here and see people pulled all the time.

State Highway 917

Mullins, South CarolinaDec 13, 20040 Comments

Speed trap is located at the city limits. The road sign off of Highway 76 through Mullins points down this road as the route to N. Myrtle Beach. Going out is a 35 MPH speed limit with nothing in front of you so people tend to speed up. The police sit in the parking lot a local school or on the other side of the highway parked right of the sidewalk and clock people as they go past. Coming in from the other directon the speed limit drops from 55 to 35 with no intermediate speed. The school is less than 200 yeards inside the city limit. I go by here three times a day and I never go a day with out seeing the speed trap manned and very seldom go a week without seeing someone getting a ticket.

Gapway Street

Mullins, South CarolinaJul 13, 20020 Comments

Posted speed sign starts at 35mph and drops to 20mph. Tickets given. No exceptions.

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