Olar, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Highway 321, Olar, South Carolina

Olar, South CarolinaSep 18, 20131 Comments

Hyway 321 from Savannah to Columbia is dotted with many small communities that reduce the 55 limit to as low as 35mph. If you are not down to the posted limit in Olar there is a black unmarked Dodge charger that will issue you a citation of minimum $150. I believe this is the major fundraiser for this community. I plan to now travel via interstate.

Hwy 321 in Olar, SC

Olar, South CarolinaJun 08, 20132 Comments

Speed limit in this area drops from 55 to 30 with little sign notice. I was pulled over after taken this alternate route when I-95 was shut down because of an accident. I immediately started to pull over when the police officer was pulliing out behind me. Directly in front of my car was a speed limit sign that said 45 mph. I was charged with going 40 in a 30 mph zone when I was only 15 feet from the 45 mph sign. Trap? I think so!

SC State Route 321

Olar, South CarolinaOct 04, 20125 Comments

This is the worst speed trap I’ve seen in my 54 years of driving. Speed drops from 55 mph to 45 mph to 30 mph in about 500 feet. Olar is a small township of just over 200 people, and town has this one blinking light. I was following two pick-up trucks and we all went from 55 to 45, to near 30 mph. As we started to pick up speed at the 45 mph sign, a police car pulled behind me and turned on his lights. I looked down at my speed and I was at 40 mph at the 45 mph sign. I couldn’t believe he was pulling me over. He said I was going 43 mph. but he was not going to give me a ticket as it would cost me 4 points, but the the township has a special citation for “thoughtless operation of a vehicle” I said thank you and thought it was a warning with no charges. When he handed it to me he had written $250 on the bottom. I said you’ve got to be kidding. He said O.K. I’ll give you one for $500. He said he was doing me a favor and that I needed to mail the payment back to Olar, Township or come back to court. I have told less than 10 people and 2 of them said they had also gotten tickets in this area. If this 300 pound policeman gives out 1 ticket per hour x $250, that is $2,000 per day. This is $730,000 per year. ($2,000 x 52 weeks = $730,000). What does a township of 200 people do with all this money??????????? I drive from Hilton Head to the upstate of South Carolina several times a year. I will not go this way again and I will tell all my friends to stay away. If enough people complain about these people then the business along state route 321will start loosing business and they will put a stop to it.

Going through the town of Olar

Olar, South CarolinaJun 21, 20104 Comments

This is the biggest rip off speed trap ever! We would travel to and from Atlanta to Charleston. Everytime we would go through the town my husband would say, "this is a speed trap" We never went over the speed limit. Yet we got a ticket. $60.00! We call it the toll through Olar. Believe me! We have never gone that way to Charleston again. I though my husband was kidding when he said we were being pulled over! Just as we left town where the limit goes from 30 to 45. What a joke! Must be their only form of revenue!

State Route 321 near State Route 321

Olar, South CarolinaJun 08, 20071 Comments

Speed limit in Olar, SC drops from 55 MPH to 45 MPH to 30 MPH in a very short distance. Local cop sits in 45 MPH zone busting drivers while in the 30 MPH zone.

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