Society Hill, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Route 52 west around a left hand turn going downhill.

Society Hill, South CarolinaMay 01, 20120 Comments

Obviously a speed trap! Park ranger at Cheraw state park said that’s how they make their budget. Seems after reading these postings everyone is doing over 55 mph (and probably are not) because the fines all are like mine $185.63. Officer claimed I was going 58 in a 35 zone. While I’ll admit I was going faster than 35, I know it wasn’t 58. When I went into Cheraw post office for money order a local told me they used to have you pay them cash and they pocketed it! Another local told me they used to double the fine and then you wouldn’t get points. This kind of behavior WILL come back to bite them! I for one will NEVER go through Society Hill ever again! I love playing golf at Cheraw state park, but will come in from Florence to avoid the underhanded police in Society Hill! I hope everyone who reads this avoids the town also! It will save you $185.63! Regular Boss Hog/Dukes of Hazard town, in short CROOKED!!!

Society Hill

Society Hill, South CarolinaMar 14, 20120 Comments

I got nabbed here in much the same way as everybody else back in 2010. I actually lost the ticket that was given to me, so worriedly I called a bunch of SC courthouses to see if I could locate the jurisdiction that I had been fined in. After calling a bunch I finally found a nice lady who asked me several questions about where I left from and which direction I had been travelling. She said "Hon, call the town of Society Hill and see if they’re the ones that gotchya" … so I did . And she was right. I’ll avoid this place like the plague. If my car breaks down in the middle of the town, I’ld rather push it to another town than give this place one more penny of my hard earned wages.

US52 North – right after you make the left towards Cheraw

Society Hill, South CarolinaFeb 21, 20122 Comments

What a nasty little unwelcoming town! I was well aware of the 35 mph speed zone through this town – although it did change a couple of times with no rhyme or reason. As I was getting ready to make the left onto US52 headed towards Cheraw, I had to come to an almost complete stop because there were 2 cars going straight into town. As soon as I made the left turn, the police "officer" was already pulling out of his hiding spot on a little dirt driveway or parking lot. I looked at my speedometer as soon as I saw him and I was doing under 40 – maybe 38 or 39. My husband saw him pull out at the same time and also looked over at my speedometer from the passenger seat and said I was doing around 40 – he couldn’t see the exact number from his angle in the passenger seat. When the "officer" pulled me over, he informed me that I was doing 54 in a 35. I told him I looked at my speedometer and there was no way I was going as fast as he said – he told me I could fight it in court, knowing full well that I was about 8 hours from home. I called the town hall this morning and was told that if I plead guilty – they will lower the fine – but if I insist that I was not doing to speed the "officer" claimed I was doing then I would need to show up in person. I refuse to put one dime into this little cesspool’s economy and right now, I don’t ever want to drive anywhere in SC, let alone this town that likes to terrorize out of state drivers! Apparently the going rate is currently $185.63 – somebody else on this forum who was not doing to same speed that I was got the same ticket. I guess this is an improvement over the $250.00 tickets they used to write – isn’t it nice that they are taking the poor economy into account. Also wondering how a poor country town out in the middle of nowhere can afford a brand new unmarked Charger…?

US 52 North

Society Hill, South CarolinaDec 31, 20110 Comments

Society Hill is nothing but a speed trap, on all three major highways entering and leaving town. On US 52 northbound, there is a small 35 mph sign at the top of the hill. There is a large 45 mph sign after the hill flattens out at the bottom, that is visible halfway down the hill. Beyond that, there is a 55 mph sign at the edge of town, also visible while on the hill. To maintain 35 mph going down the hill constant application of the brake would be required. Officer “Barney Fife” sits at the bottom of the hill in an unmarked white Dodge Stratus with an instant-on radar gun. As your vehicle picks up speed going down the hill, the 45 mph and 55 mph signs are visible, causing the driver to keep their foot off of the brake, and virtually guaranteeing a ticket. While the tickets state the purpose is uniform enforcement of the traffic laws, the real purpose is to generate revenue for this cash-poor city, thus meeting the definition of a classic speed trap.

On 52 North out of Society Hill

Society Hill, South CarolinaSep 01, 20110 Comments

As you travel thru Society Hill and make a left on 52 North. You’ll notice that the road drops. Please observe that it’s 35MPH because further down the road Officer Barney Fife is parked on the right. Sorry that’s what he looked like. He was thin and looked just like Barney. except he was wearing a T-Shirt that had a badge painted on the outside. Asked If they ever handed out warnings? Thought he was going for his gun! But he knew he didn’t have any bullets. Everyone knows t-shirts don’t have pockets. And that’s were the Real Barney kept his.

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