Society Hill, South Carolina Speed Traps

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north of town on Hwy. 52

Society Hill, South CarolinaJun 10, 20020 Comments

As the others have listed, he sat behind some 35mph sign that he claims existed, but was located at the top of a hill where drivers are more concerned with finding the road and watching for oncoming traffic. The first sign that I could see said 45mph. He also waited long enough to check out my out of state plates before coming after me. Watch out in this town! They’ve upped the cost of a ticket to $250.

Highway 52

Society Hill, South CarolinaMar 01, 20020 Comments

Going North on Highway 52, going down the hill after leaving Society Hill, the speed limit is 35. Never saw the sign. At the bottom of the hill the officier sits well off of the road hidden behind some trees or shrubs. There is NOTHING BUT WOODS no houses – around this area so you think you are outside the city limits. This lack of attention will cost you $150 or more.

North of town on US 52

Society Hill, South CarolinaSep 01, 20010 Comments

Cop sits at the 35 MPH sign looking for out of state drivers with front tags as they go downhill in the 35 MPH zone just before it changes to 45 MPH. My wife was pulled for 36 MPH in a 35!!! The $151 ticket and 3 points says it all. They know you can’t afford to take a day off work and drive back to this hick town to fight that kind of kangaroo court system. AVOID THIS TOWN AT ALL COSTS.

Highway 52

Society Hill, South CarolinaJun 01, 20010 Comments

The type of radar they use is unknown. They probaly don’t even have any type of radar. That’s how far behind this town is. It only stretchs about 2 miles but the speed limit changes about 4 times. This is done on purpose so cops can sit right next to the 35 mile an hour sign. Another thing is that they pull over as many people as possible because it is the only type of income the town receives. Also they don’t care about giving you points on your record. When you show up to pay your ticket they will ask you if you want help to get rid of the points but it will cost you $50 extra, some help. Again all a scam to get money for their town. My advice is to stay away from this corrupted southern town.

Highway 52

Society Hill, South CarolinaOct 01, 20000 Comments

Going north on Highway 52, going down the hill after leaving Society Hill, the speed limit is 35. At the bottom of the hill is a 45 mile per hour sign. The cop sits in front of the 35 mph side of the sign and if you are doing 45 before you pass the sign he right’s you at ticket. Also, there are only 5 cops that run Socety Hill during day and night, so this is where they all sit.

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