Swansea, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Somewhere in town

Swansea, South CarolinaFeb 22, 20110 Comments

Tonight there was a Driver’s License Check in Swansea. There were about 10-15 cops and 3-4 police cars (busy!) stopping everyone checking driver licenses! Had to wait 5 minutes to keep on driving. Is this even legal to stop people for no reason?

Hwy 321

Swansea, South CarolinaFeb 20, 20110 Comments

Beware the Town of Swansea in Lexington County, South Carolina is a money-hungry town and is in a deep financial hole, but not as deep as they display it in their new fountain! They recently built a new city park and fountain using the speed trap money, yet (!) there never was a town limit/name sign placed on the north side of Swansea coming from Gaston/Columbia. So these creeps in Swansea have the bucks to build all that luxury fountain park, but got no money to place a "SWANSEA" or "WELCOME TO SWANSEA" town limit sign from Columbia side! Got speed-ticketed at night for driving 12 miles over the speed limit driving a sick woman to a hospital! The cop told me he will make sure I don’t get my car insurance fees increased, I just have to pay the WHOPPING $175, which was a killer to my small budget!!! I paid a high price for being nice and driving my neighbor to a hospital!!! Now read this, a year ago a woman, mother of 3 kids was killed on same Hwy 321 in Swansea by an ammonia leak from the nearby industrial site. No cops were making sure the highway remained safe at 8:30 AM when everyone was driving to work!

Hwy 3 / Hwy 321

Swansea, South CarolinaMar 29, 20100 Comments

Cops sit at or near the intersection of 3/321. Preferred spots are N bound side of 321 in front of the welding shop or under the train trussle on Hwy 3. Usually local cops, but occasionally a County and there is at least one State Trooper that lives in the area and will run radar in those spots too.

Swansea Road near US Highway Swansea Rd. towards town of swansea and HWY 6

Swansea, South CarolinaApr 05, 20080 Comments

Cop sits on side of Swansea Rd. after the speed limit changes on the down hill slope(how conveinent) He will be sitting on left side going into town by pond! He always has a customer!

US Highway 321

Swansea, South CarolinaJun 08, 20070 Comments

local police for the town of Swansea run radar at both ends coming into town rolling or stationary. Watch out!

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