Wagener, South Carolina Speed Traps

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State Highway 39,302 and 113

Wagener, South CarolinaMar 14, 20081 Comments

hwy 113 at the high school in wooded area in school parking lot. hwy 113 s. at int of 302. sits in either closed s/s or by funeral home or under the blinding light from family dollar. some times mixes with cars parked at homes by the curb. 39 west, at the bp/subway under their sign. east by the liquor just inside city. 302 next to grave yard just inside city. these are mostly un payed police. you can beat all tickets from cops in crown vics. beware of the dodge hemi which like all the rest are black and unmarked.

State Highway 302/39/113

Wagener, South CarolinaSep 22, 20050 Comments

At Hwy 302,Intersection With 113 South At New stop sign Instead Of the old Yeild.Police Hide By Funeral Home In The Dark.Looking Toward Stop Sign. On Hwy 39 Hide By Fire Dept,Big Open Lot Looking North. Hwy 39 Looking North At Wagener Drive In On RightSide.Hwy 39 At The Car Wash Looking South.Hwy 113 In the Pines At the School. Hwy 39 Is a short Cut From Atlanta To Charleston,,Might Be Parked Anywhere In The town.All Cars Are Unmarked. All Are Late Model Black Crown Vics. Sometimes County Marked Cars Are there Too.In town Sometimes On Wrong Side Of Road Looking South On 302 And 113.Mixed In With Residence Cars. they want you. and your money.speed limit is 30 mph

Within intersections of Hwy 39 and 302.

Wagener, South CarolinaAug 01, 20010 Comments

On Hwy 39 Entering Town From I20 From Atlanta Mostly(Its A Short cut from Charleston to atlanta),. Just Past City Limit Sign Says 35 MPH Unless Otherwise Posted. If You Dont Look Close You wont See it,Very Small Letters Mixed Up With A Sign About The Town. Speed Is 30 And Tickets Are Issued For 5 Over. Fine Is $150.00 And 2 Points. Go To Town Hall And Pay Its $50.00 And No Points. They Get To Keep The Money.All Cars Are Marked Except The Chiefs. A 1998 Ford ltd Is Marked, A 2000 Ford Is Marked And A 2001 Ford Is Not,. The Markings Are Close To The Color Of The Car. Might See If You See It Broad Side. The Town Has New Chief,2 Officers And You Get No Mercy.If You Are Stopped You Get A Ticket For Something.One Officer Older Than The Rest, Will Give You A Ticket For 5 Mi Over.Wants No Excuse,,His Motto is,,Tell it to the Judge. He Hides And Sleeps At The Water Pump For the Town,Way Off The Road, getting You Leaving Town Going So. Also Hides at A No Parking Zone With Lots Of Staggered Poles That Hides Him,Getting You Going North,. Also Hides At A Local Dentist Office That Has A Pkg, Lot Up And across From The School. Will Get You There.After You Pass the School Zone It Used To Be 55. Some How Now Its 40mph. All Cars Have Hidden Lights and Look Just Like Yours Unless You Can See The Side. All Are Black And Shiny.If You Come Into Town At 30 He Is Going To Intimidate You So He Can Stop You By Following Too Close. Look Out Coming In To Town On Hwy. 39 N$S. 203 East and West. And 113 Out Of Town And Especally By The School That Is out For The Summer.

All directions in and out of Wagener

Wagener, South CarolinaAug 01, 20010 Comments

Slow Down To Under 30 MPH Upon Reaching City Limits Of Wagener. High Revenue Town. No Mercy. Just Tell It To the Judge. Dont Go To Court, Just Pay The Fine. Money But No Points,,They Need And Keep The Money,.

Hwy 39 and 302

Wagener, South CarolinaOct 01, 20001 Comments

This Small Town Of Probably 2000 People Thrives On Speed.It Has Recentely Fired All Its Policemen and Its Chief.Seems That They Were Stopping And Issuing Tickets To Very Inf. People. Wanting False Reports Filed And etc. Thet Now Have 2 New policemen From Outside The city And Are Going To Hire 2 More in The Next Few Days. One Of These 2 Are Trying To Inforse the Jaywalking Ordinance we dont even have and is very arrigiant.We have 1 red light, This Is A Shortcut From Atlanta Ga To Charleston SC port. There Is App. 900 Ft Of Town And les Than 1 Mile Total City Limit To City Limit. Signs Are Very Small,, Reading If U Can U Are Entering Wagener City Limits, Speed Limit 30 MPH Unless Otherwise Stated. You Can Be Caught 10 Ft Inside These Signs.100 Ft Later,,,, SPEED LIMIT 30 MPH. 2 1999 Fords Well Marked, i non marked And A 1990s Chev. Marked All With Flour. Paints.NO MERCY,,,BEWARE.

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