Box Elder, South Dakota Speed Traps

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Box Elder near museum and Jolly lane near Elks lodge , etc.

Box Elder, South DakotaSep 24, 20180 Comments

Stayed at Elks lodge where the rural road Jolly lane. Ok maybe I should write a letter for the magazine to warn people off from visiting the Black Hills via Rapid City. Sundance WY is probably a much better stopping place. For instance I stayed at the Elks on Jolly Lane, You turn onto Jolly from a reasonable highway posted 55mph, Jolly looks rural or industrial and clearly should be posted 45 or not posted (60). It has one sign where at the entrance stating 25MPH !. Talking to the locals it is a speed trap and they told me where the cops set up. I got my ticket in Box Elder, a nearby city with the Air Force Museum. I was following a car in front of me looking for the museum and on a big multilane divided highway I got popped for 40 in a 35. Other nearby roads are marked 45 and the road I had turned off from was marked 55. Talking to the locals I heard about the speed trap and how the cops are ‘revenue generators’.
Now to dealing with the ticket, you would think they would be friendly to tourists, right? Not so fast, the court personnel were very amiable and helpful, I wanted to talk to a prosecutor about the ticket, and I talked to a prosecutor about that issue on the phone several times, I was told I must get a court date and go to the court to talk to a prosecutor. So I delayed my return trip and went to court, only I didn’t get to talk to a prosecutor, I had to be referred to a different court date to have a conference, which they gave me that afternoon. Finally I got to talk to a prosecutor who just told me they won’t adjust tickets or change the offense I should just grab my ankles and pay my increased insurance premiums for the next 5 years. They could have told me that information over the phone instead of making me go to court twice.
So that is why I may return to the area next summer but I will stay in Wyoming and avoid South Dakota and especially the Rapid City area. I think the tourist should be warned about the unfriendly driving atmosphere of the area though. speed limit was reduced from reasonable 50 to 25, (one sign at entrance to road says 25, then after you pass the 2 houses you think it must revert to state speed but no, the entire rural road is 25 ! )heard how the cops set up traps. Mine was in Box Elder near AFB museum, but all South Dakota seems to be bad… “

Exit 67A

Box Elder, South DakotaNov 04, 20100 Comments

Out of State Drivers Beware: There is a Highway Patrolman located near 67A in the mornings, that will pull you over if you have "out of State" license plates. You don’t have to be speeding for him to pull you over. The Patrolman will make up an excuse to pull you over like, "He couldn’t read your plates". In the State of South Dakota, pulling you over is all they need by law to run their dope sniffing dog around your vehicle. This Patrolman has done this to me several times. Each time, he gives me a different excuse why he pulled me over. Then he proceeds to run his dog around my SUV.

Interstate 90 near Exit Number 67A

Box Elder, South DakotaJan 11, 20081 Comments

When I am on my way to work and way home from work Mon-Fri there is usually 2 highway partol officers facing in both direstions (east and west). They are located in the median and about 1/4 of a mile from exit 67A traveling west bound.


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