Wall, South Dakota Speed Traps

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South Dakota 240 north bound outside Badlands National Park

Wall, South DakotaJul 10, 20230 Comments

SD 240 leaving west end of Badlands NP is under-posted at 55 mph. Throughout the state this type of wide-open rural road would be posted at 65 mph. Only one poorly placed, easily missed 55 mph speed limit sign. TWO cop cars waiting for unsuspecting drivers. Classic speed trap. Under-posting, overdone enforcement. Better yet, avoid Badlands NP. Ugly. Black Hills Area is much better.

I-90, exit 107

Wall, South DakotaAug 05, 20150 Comments

Pulled over, illegally detained and searched without my consent. State trooper told me that I could give him the keys or he’d arrest me for “resisting” and “do it that way”. The officer never articulated why he’d stopped me until finishing his search and giving me a citation for an improper lane change. Funny part? I’d been in the right lane for over 30 miles at that point, and the GoPro on my dashboard proves it. See you in court, officer. And yes, I will be driving back in from Montana to contest my ticket.

In Badlands National Park east end near entrance

Wall, South DakotaMay 29, 20100 Comments

Park rangers drive cars with laser radar on the front and back of their cars. Speed limit is 35, and on downhill parts the rangers going uphill clock you going downhill and always say you’re speeding. The rangers are the biggest @#holes and more and treat you like #$@#. They won’t talk to you at all, make you fieel like felons and ruin your visit to the park.

Don’t give them the chance to give you a ticket and don’t bother to be polite to those f@##$$#@.

State Highway 240 near Mettler Street

Wall, South DakotaJul 07, 20081 Comments

This is the route from the west end of the badlands into Wall SD. There are numerous large Wall Drug billboards along the route that completely obscure the small speed limit signs. The officer sits on the opposite side of the highway, under the I-90 bridge, and waits for motorists who do not see the speed limit drop suddenly from 55 MPH to 35 MPH, well before you are in the city area.


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