1 mile East of depew to 4 miles West of Depew on HWY 66.

Depew, OklahomaJan 08, 20126 Comments

Depew, OK. has annexed in 5 miles of Hwy 66. They have purchased two new black unmarked Dodge chargers. They have started paroling Hwy 66 24/7 and stopping almost ever car on the Highway. They are stopping cars for the smallest thing. Stay clear of Hwy 66 in Central Oklahoma.

I drive through Depew on a fairly regular basis. It's not a 'speed trap' if you're not speeding. Drive the legal limit or slower. I'm glad law enforcement is performing its function. It has probably saved lives. Also, the black cruisers are marked. Take a better look. -Paladin.
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I've driven/ridden on this stretch of road nearly every day for the past 4 years, And yes people speed, and there have been several tickets written on this stretch by the Depew Police but tickets are only written to those going at least 10 over the posted limit(65) there was one incident where a person was ticketed going 73 but they were driving recklessly. Also the cars are not unmarked they have decals that you can see when your lights hit them. I know the person that posted this as a trap and they just want to cause problems. The Depew officers patrol in town as much if not more than 66.
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This is not a speed trap. The speed limit is 65 all the way through you don't have to slow down. It has been 65 for years. People have been speeding here for years and people have died. It is a good thing the police are taking care of us. Watch your speed and save lives
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this is an extremly dangerous stretch of highway, over the years there has been way too many lives lost on it, i welcome what ever protection we can get out there, it needs to be enforced daily. its a race track and the hot rodders need to be slowed down,
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another dead body picked up on this stretch of speed trap yesterday evening and his lady friend life flighted to a tulsa hospital. all because of speeding, it lookes like we need some more inforcement on this speed trap.
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personally, im thankfull that depew had an officer on hand to call life flight to the scene. i know i would be glad if it were me or some of my family lying out there on the highway bleeding. thank you depew police dept.
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