191st Street near La Grange Road

Mokena, IllinoisJul 14, 20070 Comments

With the high density of bars along these roads. 10pm it starts, but gets really bad around 1-2am closing time. Even if your not speeding chances of randomly getting pulled over with no cause is EXTREMELY high. Being tailgated by an officer while no traffic is on the road is VERY common practice. Being pulled over for nothing is done. Cops do this to talk to you in order to smell your breath. Common practice for getting pulled over with no cause is to receive a made up speeding ticket, if your car is legal. If your vehicle is not legal they will issue a ticket for non-common things i.e. plastic license plate cover, bulb out etc things not normally ticketed. These tickets are only given out if you don’t smell like alcohol. This is where you should know about breath testers. If you have truely had 1 or 2 drinks, its been under 45min since your last gulp. DO NOT BLOW you are putting yourself at risk. Request blood drawn. Facts about breath testers 1. Accuracy with in 5min of last gulp .1(+/-.3) [This is for those who meet a friend for one drink then leave. You will blow very very high and be found guilty of DUI] This number is not capable of reached while alive. Usually cops will bring you in for blood test. But this number even though wrong will make you look very bad in court. They have proven that you have drank and were picked out. They just can’t prove how much with out blood test. 2. Accuracy around 20min of last gulp usually around .03 [+/-.03]but can be higher or lower depending on the individual and what they drank, hard liq or beer. [This is due to residual alcohol in your mouth and throat. Blow in breath tester can’t overcome this. Is also why blowing with in 10min is really bad.] 3. Accuracy with around 40min of last gulp usually .002(+/-.002)4. Accuracy with in 1 hour for blow through breath tester is about .001 but usually around .0005 What you should also know about and is the law. You do not have to walk the line, follow the pen, rub your belly pat your head, say your abc’s etc. This is purely for the amusement of the cop. I had this happen to me in MOKENA. I blew 0.00 but cop was determined to give me a ticket. I could not pass the pen test. So he accused me of being on drugs. I had a drug test and that came back clean to. I went to an eye doctor he did the pen test and had same results. He said it was very common to not be able to pass those. It has something to do with the muscles in the eye don’t recall what the fancy long word was for it. So he wrote his note and told me that cops can’t diagnose you as drunk or anything with out special equipment. As common non-normal, non-problematic to health reactions look like many things cops look for. But they are not medical doctors and can’t diagnose you. The end result was he issued a ticket for driving under the influence but it got dropped in court after I brought in the results. AND AFTER MUCH OF MY TIME BEING WASTED.

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