(2) miles south of LA/AR border

Junction City, LouisianaJun 22, 20103 Comments

Speed limit from 55 to 30 in less than 1/4 mile. See also Junction City, AR for trap information. This trap is definitely in LA. be careful

The "speed trap" south of Junction City is just that... A speed trap. They have traffic traveling at 55mph which will most likely go to 65 mph in the next several months on a 4-lane divided highway drop to 45mph and then to 30 mph in less than a quarter mile! It is well outside of town with very few households around. There is no obvious reason that the speed limit should be 30 mph at this location. Coming out of JC, the speed limit is 35mph which is some better but extends out of town for a quarter to half mile before increasing to 55mph... The city police sits well out of town in this area every day just to "trap" those traveling to and from work that have worked hard each day and doesn't deserve this treatment! It is something that should be reviewed and changes be made!
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Some parts of the comments are true. A definition of a speed trap is writing tickets just as a vehicle passes the speed limit sign. Yes, the speed limit does change from 55mph to 45mph to 30mph in less than a 1/4 mile, but that is your driver's to see and slow down. The police do not write tickets until you enter the residential zone of town which at Pine St. and it is about 1/4 from the 30mph sign. Most places give you 50ft. pass the sign to slow down. In Junction City you get over 800ft. Don't sound like a trap to me. The best advice is to go back and make sure where you when the cops sees you not where he pulls you over at. Also if your not speeding you don't have anything to worry about. Just because you don't agree with signs doesn't mean you can speed.
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speed trap has turned from 167 to Hwy 9 coming into Junction City from Homer. Beware the little town cop sits at the bingo hall and clocks you when you come into town. If you come up 167 N thru town he will be sitting at the firestation. He watched the intersection of Hwy 9 and 167 from two blocks away. His new thing is window tent. BEWARE!!!!
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