295 Northbound north of New Kings Rd

Jacksonville, FloridaJun 22, 20201 Comments

The same pack of JSO motorcycle cops anywhere from 2 to 5 of them park on the right shoulder and sit there and laser oncoming, these are the same ones that patrol New Kings Rd. they bring in tens of thousands of dollars for the city taking advantage of the citizens, these same motor cops have certain spots they go to each day at certain times, they all have that same look, i think they all call each other in the morning to see what kind of gel they are using in their mustache and hair. what is the purpose of a motorcycle cop, they can’t catch a person fleeing, they could not catch me on my bike except for their radio could but my bike goes over 200 and i can ride like a madman and do, i can outride a motorcycle cop so easy, i have been riding since i was 13, my bike is very special and customized made for stability at high speeds.

Exactly all this talk locally about reducing police budget, start giving out more tickets, they are a big part of alot of police budgets and that in it of itself is just taking advantage of the citizens of the community, especially in that area of town, that area is historically an area of lower income people, so what if a person is doing a few miles over, especially during the pandemic, that is all those motorcycle cops do is catch speeders, what other use are they, i had one of them pull out in front of me a few years ago he almost got hit by me and they dont even care. i say reduce the budget by half, quit buying new cars, why do they need 15 cop cars at a crime scene and most are standing around, start cleaning up your bad cops from within give them a blanket party come on we did it in the navy, reason why bad police continue is good cops look the other way, its that thin blue line, when you good police look the other way your twice as bad you need to be a man and do whats right, in the end you will be in front of God and then you are going to wish you did right,
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