321 and 321A

Granite Falls, North CarolinaSep 01, 20001 Comments

Travelling southbound on 321 toward Hickory on a slow Saturday AM, going 61 in a 55 zone (not paying attention!). Met Trooper Powell heading northbound toward Granite Falls. Few cars had already passed me, but he did what most attack dogs are trained to do, he came after me with a vengance. I was in he wrong for 6 miles over, but what hurts is he wrote me up for 73! NO WAY was I close to tat. I’ve told everyone I know about the situation, and the HORROR STORIES they’ve told back let’s me know that America has a SERIOUS problem with out of control cops……and, apparently, there’s nothing I can do. The officer’s word is the law no matter the truth, the judges are in on the act as well.In an election year is anybody willng to take this on? I now have to hire a lawyer, get the car calibrated, go to court, pay fines, and all because the fuzz was having a slow morning. A few hours later I was returning home on 321 northbound -this time in a crowd of traffic. They were moving along at 62 (in the RIGHT lane) and we were being passed by a fleet of speeding cars whe suddenly a van cut in on me. Reason: Officer Friendly was coming southbound on the other side. Did he stop this time and come after the 15 cars that were going MUCH faster than I was when I was singled out ……you guessed it . He must have been on his coffee break.

Driver says "not paying attention" people routinely are moving at 65 on this road~ the NCSHP does not usually stop people for less than 70 on this stretch- they have all the "business" they can handle!
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