405 N Off Ramp onto Culver Blvd.

Culver City, CaliforniaMar 11, 20103 Comments

There is a "no right turn on red "sign at the bottom of the exit ramp. Cops sit and wait for people to take that right turn on red. I see someone being pulled over at this intersection several times a day.

This is a poorley designed intersection with a blind spot to your left. No right turn here is a safety matter. Just what we need to ruin a families life is for some idiot to pull out into this intersection and get centerpunched. I hope everyone who makes a right on red here gets pulled over. Getting a ticket depends on how you reack with the cop who pulls you over.
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I go thru here everyday and it's hard not to make that turn. May be cuz the "No turn..." sign is so small, there is only one, and then you have to wait so darn long in line (especially in the morning)
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This is another typical case of an unnecessary no-right-turn-on-red sign, combined with unbelievably long light cycles and selective law enforcement. The result? Predictable fleecing of motorists to fund the lavish pensions of Culver City bureaucrats. The situation is so bad that rush hour traffic gets backed up all the way onto the 405, the only exit with such a potential danger along this long and busy stretch of the 405. Just like with their red light cameras, Culver City municipal bureaucrats have legislated their way into your pockets, even if it means putting your lives in danger.
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