441 South

Mountain City, GeorgiaOct 19, 20102 Comments

This tiny little hamlet of a town makes a lot of its revenue focusing on traffic violations, any kind will do. Speeds change numerous times and the police watch this two mile stretch of road like a hawk. They recently extended their city limits for this purpose. This should not even be a town, and it probably would not be if there was not so much revenue to make from travelors passing through. This is a main artery from Georgia to North Carolina. Just so you know they can arrest you for speeding in Georgia (yeah- thats right- lock you up and make you post bond). They can also impound your car for improper/expired registration- leave you standing by the side of the road. If this is not a hindrance on interstate commerce, I don’t know what is. Even judges and sherrifs deputies slow down going through here. Watch this place.

Lets just keep this plain and simple: Mountain City PD likes to run traffic enforcement since this is a small town. There is very little crime in these areas thus allowing them to patrol for traffic instead. If you watch your speed (IE do the speed limit), you will be just fine and pass by their cruiser every time without a glitch.
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As a resident of Mountain City, I know from experience that the officers do not patrol traffic because of a lack of better things to do. This part of 441 has more than it's share of fatal accidents. Please slow down going thru Mnt. City. It could save your life. Or mine!
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