600 East, on 15th street

Ottawa, KansasApr 06, 20031 Comments

While west bound on 15th street, the speed limit is 40mph. The speed trap begins with a sign with the words "BEGIN 30 MILE SPEED" (in very small print). A large hill follows this sign, and at the bottom of the hill is the first REAL sign stating the limit to be 30mph.

Motorists will typically not see the first sign because it is a non-standard sign and the print is very small. The motorists speed at the bottom of the hill will usually be greater than 40 mph because they enter into the downhill at 40mph. The police will measure your speed at the bottom of the hill at the first REAL 30mph sign. A 2nd 30mph sign is posted about 70 yards after the first one, but you will still get a ticket even if you reduce your speed before passing the 2nd sign.

This town of less than 10k, having the equivalent of a swat team is a joke. A van full of Barney Fifes with M-16's. My wife and I were sitting in our living room. A cruiser pulls up slamming on his brakes. He jumps out and runs through our yard. We immediately think of our teenage son who was a good but adventurous lad. We call our friend who has a scanner, she tells us that someone on the block behind us is threatening to kill himself with a knife. Thank God, one of the Ottawa Barneys had his M-16 and was able to thwart the dastardly deed.
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