6800 Gennisie

La Jolla, CaliforniaMay 08, 20102 Comments

This is a down hill drive coming down Gennisie. In La Jolla. The police are on the side at the bottom of the hill, You can,t see them. They are in a little side road, As you come down the hill, they radar the front of your car, They were ticketing drivers, around 10:00 AM. I think California Cities should have speed signs every I0 miles, So Motorests can view the signs To know if they are going over the speed limit, I think we need to get a Ballot in California to make Speed Traps illegal. It has been done in other states, Because the suspecting motorest has no warning, and it is in trapment. Especially if the motorest does not pass the Police, giving the tickets.

This person does not know how to spell. The street is Genessee.
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I would like to point out that using radar to to measure speed is not a speed trap -- this poster and most others make this common mistake. A speed trap does not rely on radar or laser guns, but rather measures the elapsed time to travel between two known monuments. Speed traps are usually employed on wide open stretches of road with monument spacing at least 1/4 or 1/2 miles apart. The poster appears to be complaining about having been caught speeding because speed traps are already illegal in Calif. Thank you.
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