AEDC/Arnold AFB Gate 2 and Main Gate

Tullahoma, TennesseeOct 17, 20112 Comments

Wattendorf Highway is a rural, 2-lane road with speed limit signs of 55 mph, except the 1 mile stretch in front of each of the two AEDC/Arnold AFB gates: Gate 2 and Main Gate (old aircraft sits in front of the gates). Leaving Tullahoma, heading towards I-24, the speed limit sign reads 55 mph. Without speed reduction warning signs, the 40 mph sign appears and the AEDC/Arnold AFB police are sitting right inside the 40 mph section on the side of the highway where the AEDC/Arnold AFB gates are waiting to ticket those people who did not drop immediately from 55 mph to 40 mph. I have videotaped this stretch of the highway.

Can confirm this is a speed trap: no warning signs that the speed is reducing and police waiting in the short stretch in front of the gates on the weekends and holidays. Just the fact that the 40 mph stretch is in front of the gates says that the reduced speed is to allow employees to enter and leave work. Why they don't use traffic lights during the weekdays so that the employees can exit and enter safely is beyond sound logic. The only good explanation is to catch people who are driving 55 mph on the weekends and at night. The fine for going 15 mph over the limit is at least $200. Now, tell me this isn't a speed trap!
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Out of town visitors need to drive 40 MPH because the speed limit changes by 15 MPH quickly and with less than 20 ft notice. Officers sit in low lying areas just past lowered limit signs to catch people.
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