All of RT 72 thru Piperton – especially headed east

Piperton, TennesseeJun 10, 20162 Comments

These people have always been quite predatory on 72 in both directions, but now, as there is a new construction zone, with signage taking the limit from 55 to 45, they have quickly found a new nest to nab the unsuspecting. And of course, these tickets will be double fine. Oh, and as of 6/1/16, the construction hasn’t even started. And…most of these tickets will be written in Mississippi, as the logistics force the predator to stop his prey just across the state line.

I’ve actually ridden past this new lair and when I saw him sitting there, I pulled over in a lot and sat, to watch what I knew was about to happen. It didn’t take one minute until some poor person had those lights in their rear view mirror, this time pulled over into a gas station (in Mississippi). It was painful to observe.

No other department in the country can match the disgusting existence of these characters. The people of Piperton should be ashamed of themselves. They don’t even need a “police department”. Never do business, purchase real estate, date or befriend anyone from this awful little place. We should run them out of our country: Real Americans don’t treat each other like this.

You’ve heard of Waldo, Florida and New Rome, Ohio: Piperton Tennessee is actually worse.

ps Tennessee 385 through Piperton: This is a 4 lane, interstate-like highway that bypasses the city, and to watch these characters shoot radar along their short section, it is akin to watching someone out in the middle of the desert ticket a lone car that came along and was doing absolutely nothing unsafe. A truly vile exhibit of thuggery.

Today (02/05/2017), there were two…yes I said two…Piperton “police officers” double teaming at the speed trap they run at the state line on 72. Like a rapist waiting for the next female to come by, or a pedophile hiding in the bushes, these two were in their own utopia of punking and thugging the public. The reason I emphasized two, is because this is a town of about 1500. What town of this size, with half a brain, would have two cruisers active? Of course the truth is, a town this size doesn’t even need a “police department”. Were Piperton managed by reasonable, intelligent American adults, and they felt they needed some civilian peace keeping, they would contract with the county sheriff for x number of patrols per day. But I digress. From the current Wikipedia entry for Piperton: In 2007 USA Today cited the National Motorist Association when it listed Piperton as one of the worst cities for speeding tickets across the USA. If you’re one of these “officers”, you belong in Caracas, or Havana or perhaps Mexico City. Please get the Hell out of our country.
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The date listed in the above comment should have been 02/04/2017.
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