Alternate 69 southbound

Overland Park, KansasAug 05, 20031 Comments

ok i drive this all the time and got a ticket here cops will sit beind trees they hide in multiple spots. DO NOT SPEED BETWEEN 119th and 135th I get Hit with laser everyother time I cannot stress enough about this DO not speed. I have the escort 8500 best radar decter on market with laser decter they get u so close with out u seeing them when it goes of they have u radar decter will not work here

Yes, this is a spped trap. However, the reason your radar detecter doesn't pick up their radar is that they use LIDAR, not radar. Radar is a broad cone-shaped beam that is easily picked up. LIDAR is a narrow, directed beam like a laser normally aimed at your front license plate location. It is almost impossible for radar units to detect it until very close. LIDAR is so accurate that most traffic courts will not even allow you to try to beat it. Most LIDAR units can accurately determine speed at 1000' and some of new units can even take digital picture of the license.
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