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Basin, WyomingFeb 20, 20111 Comments

Local LE does his part in Basin having the biggest and best 4th of July fireworks in WY! The event is funded by revenue from traffic citations, mainly speeding! (and the locals are propud to boast of this fact) Beware motorists! If you travel thorugh this town the short wearing, Blue Dodge truck driving will certainly be on the raods looking for you to edge over the posted speeds. usually at either end of town where the spped limit changes.

The pudgy guy with the beard that acts as the local cop is a joke. He cruises up and down the main drag, a four-lane roadway that is posted at 30 MHP. He motioned for us to slow down while coming the opposing direction, my speedo read 35 MPH. My Ford F250, like most Fords reads about 2-3 MPH fast at 30 MHP. I had heard about this fool from the property owner where we stay when hunting WY, about 10 miles west of Basin. She had said that they fund the supposed Police Department and the city on speeding tickets. She was extremely embarrassed by the actions. Our entire group consisted of current and retired Officers/Sergeants from the California Highway Patrol. We were almost hoping he would give us a Radar citation so we could take him to Court and have him produce his training records, speed survey on the road, certification on the radar gun, instruction on the radar gun, the number of visual estimations he performed correctly prior to his last certification, calibration checks on the radar gun performed before and after the start of each shift and who else uses the same radar gun. There is an even smaller town south named "Manderson" with a Dodge Charger patrol car. I would think the locals would probably get better service with the County Sheriff's Department. Al least a little more professional service.
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