Approximately 500ft South of Town Welcome Stone

Turbeville, South CarolinaMay 07, 20144 Comments

Like all other comments, my family and I was headed to Myrtle Beach, SC when we approached this tiny little town called Turbeville, within 100ft of the Town Welcoming block, a speed limit sign is posted to 45mph, making it almost impossible to reduce your speed from 55mph. With just enough time to hit my breaks, a patrol car is flashing blue lights. This is where the scam begins, the officer stated I was doing 56 in a 35mi zone, when the speed limit heading South was 45 and the speed limit heading North was 35 mph. I reduced my speed from 47 mph to 35mph the minute I saw the patrol car parked about 350ft from the Town Welcoming block, the ticket was written for $388 and you guessed it, the officer said there is no need to come to court, I’m sparing you points on your license and “have a good day.” I did a double take, turned my car around to make sure that the speed limit heading South to Myrtle Beach was 45 as I had seen, and confirmed that the speed limit entering the town from Myrtle Beach was 35 headed North, the signs were within 100ft of each other on opposite sides of the hwy. This is the worst money making scam, I’ve ever seen, has anyone contacted the State or Federal Government regarding this. Shame on you, City of Turbeville, if your town is broke, raise taxes, bring in businesses, whatever, just stop taking advantage of people trying to enjoy time with their families!

I went through the same situation bro. Coming from Myrtle Beach with my family. Tried calling almost a month leaving messages. No one returned calls. Sent in the payment. I have a clean license also. I'm waiting to see what happens before I take further action. I didn't know these traps or these rip off towns existed. Why aren't the authorities investigating this corrupt town.
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I had exactly the same experience. The speed limit going toward Myrtle Beach is 45 and I had my cruise set on 45. I do not speed and have a completely clean license. The officer told me I would get no points on my record and didn't have to appear in court and I could send payment to the address listed on the citation. The officer scratched out No.3 on that says to settle the case which was the ability to pay the fine online. Says to send certified check or money order of $388 to post a cash bond. This is definitely a corrupt law enforcement outfit. I am going to check with a lawyer.
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I was today coming back to Jacksonville Beach from North Myrtle Beach. As I approached Terbi Ville the speed was 60 miles an hour I was doing 65. The speed without warning drop to 45 and Officer a hole was parked over in the left side under a tree in his brand-new unmarked tan Chevy Tahoe and he pulled me over and told me that I was doing 65 in a 45. I looked at him with complete surprise and told him I didn't notice the speed dropping significantly lower if I had I would've slowed down. I explained to the officer that I haven't had a ticket in a very long time could he maybe give me a warning or give me a break on the speed. He looked at me and said I'll see what I can do. Nearly 30 minutes later he comes back to my truck and hands me a citation telling me that he's going to spare me the points and that I can mail my fine in and of course number threes crossed out on the citation and tells me that it's $388. After reading everyone else's experiences it would seem the magic number for Terbiville is $388. South Carolina attorney general needs to do something about this town. We had one of the worst speed traps in the entire country in Florida. It's called Waldo! You all may have heard of Waldo Florida? The state of Florida stepped in and shut their charter down and they no longer have a police force, it was that bad. It is absolutely criminal that a town like Turbeville is able to get away with that kind of speed enforcement that they want to practice. I thought by law you had to have yellow signs posted showing a significant drop in speed before the actual speed zone occurs? When you drive down 301 on the way to Gainesville from I 10 they have those types of signs before the speed limit drop starts before Waldo, Starke etc. because of that reason now. Maybe someone should pay for a giant Billboard warning motorists on either side of the city of TerbiVille of the pending speed trap ahead. An attorney did it on 301 outside of Waldo. I am outraged after reading everyone's comments that fall in line directly with what I experienced. Come Monday morning I will be calling the state attorney general's office for South Carolina and filing a complaint against TerbiVille law-enforcement and I would suggest everyone else do the same instead of lying silent.
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After realizing that so many have had the same experience as I had I was outraged even more so. So to not go quietly I decided to let those who will listen know what is going on in this small town. I have notified every news agency about this towns practices and have come to find out that this is and has been an on going issue for awhile now. They have already done one news story on it. I went as far as contacting the SC State Attorney Generals office to complain and when I started to tell my story they were all to familiar with. They informed me that their is a bill in the House regarding Turbeville and there practices. It is that bad! That there is a Representative that has started this bill named Jimmy Bales. He has helped a lot of the unsuspecting victims of Turbevilles practices. I first called the State Attorneys Office - 803-734-3970. Caitlin directed me to Representative Bales @ 803-734-3107 or 803-776-6416. The first #s mail box was full and the second just rings. I will stay on this till something is done about it. It is absolutely criminal what this town is doing. They have no idea as to who they messed with...:)
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