Argonaut Av. betw. Midas and Whitney

Rocklin, CaliforniaJul 05, 20101 Comments

Limit is 25. Cops sit along this street, cross streets, cul de sacs, and hide behind cars and trucks. This week I saw one sitting right behind a "Your speed is XX MPH" electronic sign. Sure as heck, he went after a car which went ripping by – at 27 or so. If you are going 26+ you will be stopped! Moneymaker . . .

If you saw the officer then it was obvious that he wasn't hiding. A 27mph speeding ticket in CA in good conditions would never hold up in court especially using Section 22350 of the CA Vehicle Code. No judge would allow it. Keep in mind- the defintion of a speed trap is when the posted signs indicate a speed lower than what an engineering traffic survey (ETS) found to be the safe speed AND an officer then writes a ticket based on that low speed. Just FYI.. in CA the state and county recieve all of the money for tickets, not the City. All that money goes to traffic related programs and victim's funds, not the general fund for salaries or anything like that. Next time you see a speeding vehicle on your street- don't call the police and see how it works out for ya.
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