At the Dayton, TN City Limit Sign at Old Hicks Lane

Graysville, TennesseeNov 08, 20220 Comments

Where I was pulled over, the Northbound lanes of Highway 27 falls into the Dayton City Limits. The Southbound Lanes fall into Graysville City Limits. Graysville only has 2 officers and the city only occupies less than 1/2 a mile of Highway 27, but they religiously patrol that 1700ft section. Past the Dayton city limit sign, the unmarked property lines for Graysville reach into Dayton City limits for approximately 1700 ft of the road (between the entrances at Old Hicks Lane which makes a “U” shape). I was in Dayton City limits when a Graysville officer clocked me and pulled me over. It was an overcast day, 8:30 AM, and the officer was in a black car, with blacked out windows and lights, with black lettering on the car. He was driving with all lights turned off. As I passed the Dayton City Limit sign while rounding a curve and coming to the top of a hill, I see a moving car with no lights whatsoever swerving over to cross into my side of the highway. It was drizzly and overcast. After a second I see the outline of a lightbar and realize that it’s a police car. I quickly look down at my speedometer as I brake. I’m at 62mph and dropping when the officer flashes his blue lights. I was under the limit as I crossed into the unmarked territory that is Graysville. When I questioned why a Graysville officer was pulling me over in Dayton City Limits, I was told that I would’ve been speeding in Graysville to get to that point and he’s responsible for Graysville. I was also told that there was another sign up the road (that I have yet to spot). I was not shown a reading but was told that I was doing 70mph in a 55 mph zone. I was lectured about being safe in rainy conditions (at least my lights were on as I was driving unlike the officer’s).

I contacted Dayton City police. They admitted that it’s not clear where the boundary lines fall but one side of the road is Graysville and the other is Dayton.

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